The Chaungzon (Burmese: ?????

???????????; Mon: ???????) is a city on the island of Bilu (Belu-kyun) in southeast Myanmar. The Chaungzon (township, Myanmar) with population statistics, maps, map and location. The Chaungzon municipality in the state of Mon is one of the by-election communities where candidates will fight for a seat in the Pyithu Hluttaw. Obtain the Chaungzon weather forecast. The Chaungzon Township ist ein Township des Mawlamyine District im Mon State of Myanmar.

State Mon Security Minister warned Chaungzon law enforcement agency for leaky information about illicit gaming sites

State Secretary for Security and Border Affairs Col Win Naing Oo alerted municipal law enforcement for failure to capture illicit gaming groups in Chaungzon township, Mon State, last weekend for an information leakt. Hinthar Media was informed by the Secretary of State that he invited to the Mon state administration on January 9th and alerted them after the Chaungzon Township Policy was not able to capture the gaming party at a regional religion ritual in Mu Kwel Kone at Kha Lawt Ka Naing Village under Chaungzon Township on the 8th of January.

"Because they said there were no gaming nights, I was not happy with their reaction to this event. Even though a native obliging resident registered the gaming party with photographic proof s and videotapes and made them available to the locals cops, they could not capture them. There seems to be a disrespect for the actions of conscientious citizens," said Col Win Naing Oo.

On this subject, the general manager of the municipality and the municipal policemen had to subscribe the certificate of recognition to the ministry of state and secretaire of the state administration. Anonymously, one of the locals said there had been strong criticism among locals of the misuse of religion for gaming partys.

"There have been lottery processions for three nights. This includes cards, a ga ion (a craps game), cockfighting and a ni staung (a gamble with either one of the craps). We had three cards games party, seven single party and five ni hi hiung parties," said the Kha Lawt Ka Naing Village man.

Maha Doke Alms Offering Ceremony took place on January 9th and the game nights started on the 6th. According to the information document, the performer compete at musical performance organization until 7:30 pm on the dark of January 8. "is not the only town in the Kha Lawt Ka Naing village.

In every country where there is a celebration of religion, there are games of chance. Gaming events always take place before the ceremonials or festivities. Last year we notified the Prime Minister of Mon State Hluttaw, Deputy Daw Kyi Kyi Mya. Chaungzon Township Police was charged with arresting the players, but they said they had not seen any gaming factions in the town.

"There was a lot of publicity about the gaming messages. As we were handing the information to the locals, the messages were leaking and the players had vanished before. The next robbery I have to see to it that they are detained myself, instead of transferring the responsibility to the LOC. Hahnenkämper have been detained by Kyrgyzstan' military forces in Thaton and Mawlamyine counties and in the Paung and Ye townships of Mon state.

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