Chaungtha Beach

Beach Chaungtha

Discover Chaung Tha Beach vacation and discover the best time and places to visit. chip="mw-headline" id="Etymologie[edit]>> Cháungtha (Burmese: ????

?????[t??á?? ðà]) is a town and seaside town in the Ayeyarwady region, Myanmar. As it is generally known, Chaungtha Beach is about 5 hrs by car from Yangon and is a favourite holiday destination for Yangonites from October to April[1] As it is relatively cheaper than the near Ngwesaung and Ngapali beach, Chaungtha is also more overcrowded and less clean than the two more costly and better looked after ones.

The name Chaungtha derives from the small brook (chaung) that flows in the west part of the town. Chaungtha Pleasant means pleasant jet in the Myanmar dialect. The Chaungtha is known for its crisp and inexpensive shellfish. One of the big attractions is a small marina on a rocky cliff at the south end of the beach.

Close by fishermen settlements and tide mangroves are also favourite with visitors.

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