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Myanmar Chaung Tha Beach

Chaung tha Main Street, Chaungtha, Myanmar. Cháungthais is a village and seaside resort in the Ayeyarwady region of Burma. The Chaung Tha Beach (???

??????????????) is the closest thing Myanmar has to a resort for ordinary people - this is where the locals come to play. Cháungtha is a village and seaside resort in the Ayeyarwady region of Myanmar. Wiki voyage has a travel guide for Chaung Tha.

What you can do

Chaung Tha is the most down-to-earth of the three most important beach resort on the Myanmar coastline, and you can find the greatest number of local people on vacation here. Lacking the perfect Ngapali and Ngwe Saung beach, it has several off-shore exploring and snorkelling spots and has the same exquisite selection of sea food as its more exquisite competitors (Chaung Tha is the same yangon street as Ngwe Saung, and you can motorcycle between the two shores along a coastline).

Chaung Tha's major beach may be rough, but it's great to see him, especially when he's full of local people on a week-end away from Yangon - favourite seasons are New Year's Day, the Thinkgyan Waters and the end of Myanmar's summers in May. Have a look at our YouTube videoclip of Chaung Tha Beach.

This is the most crowded area at the southern end of the beach, where you will find cheap accommodations and many basic pubs, teahouses and gift stores. There are higher quality dining in the better establishments, but at the southern end of the town there is an impressive little seafood spot named Annawa Pathein, where you can see the newly captured fish before plunging into your dinner with magnificent view of the cove.

Chaung Tha has many classical beach pursuits, among them equestrian, cycle and quads rental and inflation-ring. There are two islets for the adventurous: a bigger one just southwards of the beach, which can be discovered on feet and has a marvellous view of the ocean on its north promontory; and a smaller sandy and rocky islet, which can be seen on the skyline from the beach (boat rides to the big islet for K5,000 per capita and K9,000 per capita to the sandy island).

Beautiful sandy beach, clean and less crowded than the beach - and with larger shafts - is four kilometers northern of Chaung Tha. On the way up the shore you can recognize it by the pit and the two cliffs at the south end; watch our YouTube movie of the beach that was recorded by the pit.

Like almost every city in Myanmar, there is a Buddha stand and a Buddha stand; Chaung Tha's Buddha, situated on a hill in the northeast of the city, is interesting because of its unusual shape, which is surrounded by snakes on three sides. Inquire at any of the hotels for motorcycle rental in Chaung Tha, which will cost about 10,000 K per night.

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