The Chartreuse Green is very similar to mixing Elixir Végétal with sugared water, but without the same pungency. Green Chartreuse is characterised by its bright green colour and its complex taste and is a liqueur steeped in history that is experiencing a modern comeback. Chartreuse Shop Green at the best prices. The only liqueur in the world with a completely natural green colour. A picture of Chartreuse Green Liqueur.


There are only two Chartreeuse friars who know the 130 botanicals, how to mix them and how to distil them into this world-famous licor. They' are also the only ones who know which crops they need to market to create the naturally occurring colors of greens and yellows. Additives: Alcoholic drinks, sugars, 130 different kinds of plant and flower.

Presented in a Chartreuse liquor can. Extremely stylish with the stamped La Grande Chartreuse signet. Drinking it as it is: to enhance its full taste, it should be eaten very cool, even on the cliff. Chartreuse is heralded as an after-dinner beverage and is increasingly drunk as a long beverage.

Explore how Chartreuse is made today! Green Chartreuse has developed confidently into an indispensable component of a cocktail.

Chartrouse - Chartreuse Liqueurs

1605 the Maréchal d'Estrées gives the Chartreese friars in Paris a script with a listing of 130 herbs. No one knows where this "recipe" comes is the point of departure for the history of the Chartous. Green Charterhouse has developed confidently into an indispensable component of a cocktail. Charterreuse, a tale that is still in its infancy.

We' re still with you in the story of Chartfreuse. Charteuse: a convent, a dairy, a museum, a still, a basement Planning your stay in the Charteuse basement and in the still.

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It is the world-famous herb liquor, whose full color is derived from the 130 plants from which it is made. Made by Carthusian monks according to a 1605 formula, this aromatic, planty and sugary liquor has an unmistakable taste. Mid-long with peppermint and soft gum.

The Chartreuse Green is very similar to blending Elixir Végétal with sweetened waters, but without the same astringency. An eclectic liquor, one part to nine parts Fentimans Tonic Waters for a freshly refreshed beverage or a few teaspoonfuls to a cup of warm choclate for a warm ingot.

At the second jar, everyone fell in sweet relish with this beverage. but it' s amazingly beautiful blended with Scotch and a little bit of mawkish... the Jacobite. It' like ragweed - the beverage of the god. That'?s a lovely beverage. Shaken EQ Green Chartreuse, Good Gin (I recommend Tanqueray Export Strength, Fresh Lime Juice (from one slice of fruits - not from a bottle!!!!!!) and Maraschino Liqueur) over ices until your fingers are frozen and then stir a little (very important) and put them into a cooled Martinis-Glas.

We look forward to the rediscovery of the outstanding digestion effect and the very rich aromas of herbs. One time in Argentina, I had it made into a few coctails. Chartreuse was essentially blended with a shot of pinapple syrup, shook and eaten in a martini-bottle. I' ve been loving this beverage for years and it's pouring well over custard ice cream.

That'?s a great beverage. Give your queen a try - a really romantical evening is certain! This is a great beverage, strong with very interesting aromas. It used to be a digestive, but I think it's a big one for one nig!

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