The Chartreuse Green is very similar to mixing Elixir Végétal with sugared water, but without the same pungency. Green Chartreuse is characterised by its bright green colour and its complex taste and is a liqueur steeped in history that is experiencing a modern comeback. Chartreuse Shop Green at the best prices. The only liqueur in the world with a completely natural green colour. A picture of Chartreuse Green Liqueur.


Two Chartreuse friars know the 130 botanicals, how to mix them and how to distil them into this world-famous liquor. They' are also the only ones who know which crops they need to market to create the naturally occurring colors of greens and yellows. Additives: Alcoholic drinks, sugars, 130 different kinds of plant and flower.

Presented in a Chartreuse liquor can. Extremely stylish with the stamped La Grande Chartreuse signet. Drinking it as it is: to enhance its full taste, it should be eaten very cool, even on the cliff. Chartreuse is heralded as an after-dinner beverage and is increasingly drunk as a long beverage.

Explore how Chartreuse is made today! Green Chartreuse has developed confidently into an indispensable component of a cocktail.

Chartrouse - Chartreuse Liqueurs

1605 the Maréchal d'Estrées gives the Chartreuse friars in Paris a script with a listing of 130 herbs. No one knows where this "recipe" comes is the point of departure for the Chartreuse family. Green Chartreuse has developed confidently into an indispensable component of a cocktail. Chartreuse, a tale that is still in its infancy.

We' re still with you in the Chartreuse story. CHARTREUSE: a convent, a dairy, a museum, a still, a basement Planning your stay in the Charteuse basement and in the still.

All you need to know about Chartreuse, the hot liqueur of the moment

Chart-reuse coctails at Dram & Grain. The Chartreuse has its climax - one of many over 400 years. Washington barkeepers find the complexity of juicy juices, whether blended in a cocktail or pure. So, what exactly is in Chartreuse? Now, two Carthusian friars know this at all times, but they were bound to confidentiality in the Grande-Chartreuse convent.

In 1605, near Paris, the history of the verdant liquor began with the Chartreuse Order of the Friars, who were given an old script that describes a mysterious healinglixir. More than a hundred years forward and the friars at last decode the recipe: a digestive, which is called the long lifelixir.

Some war, exile and so on, the friars have made it since then. Goalkeeper: Greens to yellows: Though it is cute, greens are the braver, herbal, and tough. In 1838 a more mild, yeasty variant was created, destilled with safran and honeys. "Like", says Tom Brown, Passenger proprietor (1539 7th St., NW; 202-853-3588) - the 7th biggest Chartreuse user in the US and the only barrel shop to sell both black and amber.

" Put the guilt on the 130 plants that give the taste of peppers, pimento and aniseed in a chartreuse or wild flowers and wild flowers and honeys in yellows. Taste V.E.P. Chartreuse - the same products, only stored longer and approved in restricted amounts. He prefers to have a chartreuse for "a large, abundant punc to a cocktail", as it has a note of peppers and a high alcoholic content.

"I' m inclined to use yellowness as the soft base where I want a sweet herbaceousness," he says. Chartreuse is available in most spiritshops. Ace Beverage's (3301 New Mexico Ave., NW; 202-966-4444) procurement assistant Joe Riley is your man for V.E.P. and even Vintage.

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