Characteristics of Myanmar

Features of Myanmar

It' characterized by hesitation, hesitation or avoidance to perform an action based on fear of insulting or embarrassing someone. Myanmar's regional peculiarities and disasters. There are diamonds in headless placers in several places in Myanmar. Features of selected copper deposits and deposits in Myanmar. Geographical trends & peculiarities in Asia.

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OverviewPrint, radio and on-line publications in Myanmar (Burma) have been subject to rigorous restrictions and regulations since the 1962 military coup. l

OverviewPrint, radio and on-line publications in Myanmar (Burma) have been subject to rigorous restrictions and regulations since the 1962 military coup. l It provides for free expression and free access to the written and spoken language, but the authorities prohibit the exercising of these prerogatives in deed. All Myanmar's newspapers' global messages are censured.

Events such as clashes, detached leader, litigation on behalf of people' s rights and students' protest in other counties, especially in Asia, are either omitted or briefly described. International journalists are prevented from coming to Myanmar and sometimes can only come in if they hide their occupation and apply for a tourism visas.

As Myanmar is poor and insulated and only about 10 per cent of its land has electric cables, the use of radio and television is restricted. Burma's first talkies were made in 1932 in Bombay. The movie, which deals with societal questions and policy topics, became widespread in the 1930'. The Parrot Movie Company produces movies that deal with important topics such as gaming and policing, even though the movies were censured by the UK COLOMN.

Burma had an energetic mediascape before reigning over the army in the latter part of the 20th. Burma's first paper, The Maulmain Chronicle, was an English daily in 1836, while Burma was a UK-colonies. In 1948 Burma became independent of Great Britain. The 1962 war putsch that led General Ne Win to declare himself Burma's ruler changed the country's medium.

Wishing to isolated Burma in order to reach its Nazi agendas, the general determined which papers could be nationalised and should stay in circulation and which publications should be stopped. It is trying to stop reports of adverse incidents in Burma, with the end of holding the present administration in place. Opponents of politics, such as heads of oppositions, are unfavourably described, and all state medias are obliged to represent these sentiments.

Journalists are supposed to be writing pro-government messages and never criticizing any leader or their policy-making. Programmes supervised by the goverment will only be played on programmes that have been authorised and do not contain any foreign song or other programmes that are regarded as violating the goverment policy. and computer legislation requires permission from the Burmese authorities to use or own a computer, modem or facsimile machine that can link Myanmar to the world.

The majority of today's productions are comedy. Only 12 Oscar-winning 12 feature film were shot in 2008, even though at least 800 CDs were made. A further nuisance for Burma's cinemas is the sharp drop in the number of cinemas in which the film is shown.

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