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Anime Free Downloads. To learn more about the Myanmar HD Info TV channel. An attack on a convoy of the Red Cross in Myanmar, which transports civilians away from combat, is captured in front of the camera. The app is listed in the Media & Video category of the Playstore. Eliminate the latency barrier of streaming video delivery.

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Videxplainer: Burma or Myanmar?

A number of wellsources - such as the US administration - call Myanmar by its former name, Burma. Other people - like many reporters - use Myanmar. Let us look at the question of naming - Myanmar or Burma - in the light of media literacy. So why does the Myanmar administration choose the country's new name? Might it be that many regimes use the old name Burma?

Myanmar, the Associated Press and most other US intelligence agencies say. Human Rights Watch uses Burma. What names do you think should be used by reporters and other nations? Above-mentioned media literacy classes are available to the subscriber.

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The EU is lifting its sanction against Burma because a humanitarian group has accused the Myanmar administration of an anti-rohingya Muslim clean-up operation. Commercial and commercial penalties were relaxed after the emergence of graphical video material showing that the riot squad could not stop unrest and attack on Muslims. Burma's leaders and indigenous communities have been involved in committing acts of humanitarianism and a "campaign of rahingya muslims' ethnical cleansing" in Rakhine state since June 2012, said UNHCR.

As a result of the violent acts, Rohingya was driven out of its houses, and some 120,000 refugees were displaced for terror of terror. "While in some cases the state police interfered to avoid violent acts and defend Muslims, they were more often at their side in assaults or directly assisted the attackers by murdering and other abuses," according to the riot police reports, which killed at least 110 deaths.

It is coinciding with new shots showing that the government did nothing during the unrest in Meiktila. The film was shot in March 2013 (see video above), when 43 persons were murdered in the city. It also seems to show Buddhist friars involved in the war.

Despite the reform introduced by the new administration in March 2011, Burma continues to suffer violations of international humanitarian law. As a reaction to the reform, the European Union has chosen to remove all embargos on Burma, despite growing concern about the way in which it treats minority groups.

It has also prevented assistance from going to the refugee Rohingya camp and other Islamic community sites, Human Rights Watch said. Failure to investigate the abuse has led to more anti-Muslim campaigning across Burma, Human Rights Watch said -cluding the March this year.

However, the Myanmar authorities rejected the allegations as unilateral and "unacceptable". A spokesperson for the president and Burma's assistant information secretary Ye Htut rejected the story because he had only included one-page messages in a Facebook page explanation. Myanmar's administration will not give much attention to a unilateral report," he said, pointing out that the administration would only consider its own fact-finding committee, which was established after the first force in June.

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