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Channel myanmar Update has added a new photo. Channel myanmar Update has added a new photo. Order All Channel Myanmar Update Request Update. Myanmar Update is a series of regular conferences dealing with the recent economic, political and social conditions in Myanmar. Dr.

James Mücke recently spoke for all chairmen with First Look Asia, a breakfast programme broadcast on Channel NewsAsia.

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Maarutha tropical cyclone lands in Myanmar with risk of flooding from rain

In the Bengalese Gulf, Hurricane Maarutha landed in Myanmar. Flood rains are the greatest menace to this system. Hurricane Maarutha has arrived in Myanmar. Severe rains continue to be the major danger that could lead to floods in this land by Monday. According to Dr. Phil Klotzbach, Maarutha is the first hurricane of the 2017 hurricane period in the northern hemisphere.

Joint Typhoon Warning Center said tropical cyclone Maarutha had a 40 metre wind speed limit from Sunday afternoons on. Because of its interactions with the country, Maarutha is quickly transient. The tropical cyclone Maarutha is expected to strike on Monday just south of Nay Pyi Taw, a town of more than 900,000 inhabitants and the country's capitol.

Severe rains seem to be the greatest menace to Monday, the East Daytime. Situated in the north of the Bay of Bengal from East India to Myanmar, this area is known for its torrential waters due to its hills. Hurricane Cambodia flooded six counties near the Bangladesh coastline in 2015, causing floods and nearly 500 deaths.

Hurricane Comen exacerbated week-long rains when Myanmar was hit by mudslides and more than one million refugees were reported. It is not supposed to cause such violent rains from this hurricane, nor will it move as slow as Comen. While these two determinants will reduce excess precipitation, the likelihood of floods remains high in parts of Myanmar.

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