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On weekdays, NBC Asia had a regional evening news program. Cave Rescue in Thailand to be turned into a Hollywood movie. " But we memorized time and the canal, and we never missed it.

Korea and Myanmar: Different ways - Andray Abrahamian

Nordkorea and Myanmar (Burma) are the most enigmatic and tragical tales in Asia. Burma was threatened internally: rebel groups collided with the Burmese authorities and with each other. North Korea was external: an enemy super power - the United States - and a much more effective competitor - South Korea - occupies half of the Korea-Penninsula. In the course of the years, Myanmar vanquished its foes and allowed it to investigate a kind of democratisation and open-mindedness that has lead to re-integration into the world community.

Meanwhile, North Korea's regimes believe that its atomic weapons stockpile - the main cause for their paria state - is essential for the country's continued existence.

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