Channel Myanmar Korean Movies

Canal Myanmar Korean Movies

Myanmar Channel Update: The Intimate ?????

???????????. The main focus is on Korean central television, the main channel where news, music, drama and films in general are played. So what just happened in North Korea? At Trumpf we are convinced that North Korea is committed to denucleation. Reutter's journalists indicted under the Myanmar Official Secrets Act.


Colonel Kim Jin-Pyeong (Song Seung-Heon) came back to South Korea in 1969 after bravely struggling in the Vietnamese war. Nevertheless, Colonel Kim Jin-Pyeong is suffering inwardly from his experience of it. Kyung Woo-Jin (On Joo-Wan) is sent to work for Kim Jin-Pyeong one time. Soon Colonel Kim Jin-Pyeong will meet Jong Ga-Heun (Lim Ji-Yeon), the woman of his new inferior.

These two also went into the home opposite Colonel Kim Jin-Pyeong and his spouse (Cho Yeo-Jeong). Colonel Kim Jin-Pyeong is teasing a locked cage on his neighbour's veranda on a fate night. Soon a suffocating possession between Colonel Kim Jin-Pyeong and his subordinate's woman begins.

4 TV In-House Channel - T2

The channel offers never-ending lessons of humour and thrill. The channel offers the infamous TV shows and animation with Myanmar sub-titles, both for children and adults. The channel offers TV shows from the USA, Europe and Asia with Myanmar sub-titles. The channel offers the latest and best known international films with Myanmar sub-titles.

One channel that features topical, global and regional information, meteorological forecasts, information technology, art, global affairs and some great storytelling around the game. This is a channel devoted to the sporting sector and also offers top sporting programmes such as our own programmes entitled Sportcircle, Weeksports Diary and Sportview. The book also presents the lives of Myanmar's sporting legend and its current history.

It is a musical channel that offers both domestic and foreign musical, from Myanmar's classical and oldie tunes to film soundtracks, the young audience's most popular dance programmes and theatricals. The For Lady is an entertaining channel for the woman public that offers wellness advice, healthcare, lifestyle and cookery shows, as well as entertaining programmes, fashions, game shows and Korean TV-shows.

A channel of edutainment that offers both amusement and expert programming. The program includes cookery, home economics, art, literary and information technologies programmes. The channel offers Full High Definition fourx better than normal. Spectators can watch the blockbusters with Myanmar subtitled, entertaining programmes, liveshows and some programmes that offer a wide range of expertise.

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