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Global Rank N/A Facebook Messenger. Myanmar Bot channel for Facebook Messenger. ONE's latest Myanmar spectacle had many incredible moments, but a timeless main event is at the top of the list. Burma is being flogged for violence against Rohingya. Forget the apps you didn't use on Facebook.

The BBC - BBC Burma channel launched on the Viber Message Board

Myanmar (also known as Burma) has 29 million subscribers with a total of 48.7 million inhabitants. Comments to the editorialBBC Myanmar will reach 6.9 million readers every Wednesday (2015). BBC Burma Facebook page has over 3.7 million Facebook supporters (December 2015). The BBC Myanmar is part of the BBC World Service, which also provides a public chat channel in Nepali on Viber App.

Throughout Mexico, forged message makers until their match before the elections

A person "how" came from a person who claimed to engage a group of experts in the field of SMB. As Mexicans are preparing for the polls, the excitement about the rigging of the Mexican public service press shows how the game book for the information war has developed since the US 2016 poll. With many cautions, new hires and alliances, even the most progressive technologies are being thwarted by societal networking - a bad omen for deliberately trying to keep bad information at bay in upcoming global polls.

Divided inventions are increasingly produced in the shape of video, pictures and memes that reproduce more quickly before they are recognized, say scientists. Websites are mixing genuine messages with counterfeit ones to reinforce authenticity. "You can' t always be talking about an alien if you want to make them believe there are aliens," said former FBI operative Clint Watts, who wrote a novel about online seo.

Both on Facebook and Twitter, large, easy-to-detect automatic networking sites are giving way to smaller, more easily co-ordinated sites, says Ben Nimmo of the Atlantic Council. WhatsApp's Facebook news serving has become an important channel for disseminating untruths in cohesive groups that keep the business and the government in the black, say scientists.

However, the poll is one of the first major polls since Facebook recognized that information from up to 87 million people may have gone to Cambridge Analytica, a policy advisor who worked on US President Donald Trump's camp. With more non-research financed mobile screens and fact-checkers from agencies such as Agence France-Presse and Verificado, a group supported by Al Jazeera and the Mexico-based Animal Politico.

Items that are considered wrong will appear lower in users' emails, Facebook says, although there will be no details about how efficient this is in Mexico. Nevertheless, several pages that have been condemned for distributing bogus messages are still on Facebook with big fans. Nacion Unida, for example, which called Verificado one of the most productive counterfeit message carriers, had more than 895,000 supporters this past weekend.

Scientists are agreed that it is hard to know who is behind the pages. Some are imitating newscasters. This will escalate the impact on pages exchanging counterfeit messages, Facebook says. Carlos Merlo, a Mexico business man, boasted in an interview that he created bogus message boards and managed counterfeit account network to encourage them, according to Thursday's Atlantic Council statement.

Merlos Victory Lab was named as a potential menace to an honest discussion in an in-house Facebook threats analysis a few month ago. But Victory Lab's own Facebook page, which drew tens of millions of users from outside Spanish-speaking nations, stayed up until Thursday's news story, but Facebook said it would delete the page later that morning.

Facebook's WhatsApp has also become a popular target for those who want to help shaping the policy debate. A number of embassies appear to be designed to reduce electoral participation, and they are more credible than contents seen in societal mass communication, Glowacki said. A number of people get rewarded for likeing, exchanging or posting comments, according to external research ers and a Facebook staff member who asked for privacy.

FacfacBook refused to respond to its attempts to track remunerated activities.

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