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Myanmar Channel English Movies

More keywords related to All Channel Myanmar. Arabic, Armenian, Finnish, French, Portuguese, Russian. Television premiere of Talvar surpasses star-packed moviesThe film recently premiered on Star Gold, and was widely viewed by viewers. Mr Rohingya continues to flee violence and persecution in Myanmar: Ghost of a warrior in Yangon, Myanmar.


CANAL+ Myanmar FG Chief Executive Erwan Luherne said: The CANAL+ Group is France's largest audio-visual group, leading in the delivery of top -quality entertainment and theme based networking, as well as in the pooling and dissemination of pay-TV services. With its three domestic stations and ad marketing, the Group is also a market-leading broadcaster for free-to-air TV.

The CANAL+ Group is growing on an international scale in high-growth international clientele. This is the world's leading pay-TV channel in the French-speaking region, especially in Africa. The CANAL+ Group has a total of more than 14 million users around the world. STUDIOCANAL makes the CANAL+ Group the leading producer and distributor of movies and TV shows in Europe. The CANAL+ Group is wholly held by Vivendi, a leading international publishing, audiovisual and publishing group.

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The Forever Group is the premier Myanmar based consumer group. Forever Group was established in 1996 as the first graphics school in Myanmar and, together with the Ministry of Information, established the e-education educational system in 2001 and the first e-book store in Myanmar in May 2003. MRTV-4 was established in 2004 as a free TV channel as a FOREVER Group JV with the Ministry of Information and Myanmar Radio and Television.

Forever Group and its affiliates started the first pay-TV broadcast in Myanmar in 2005, broadcasting new TV stations such as 5 Movies and 5 Serial. Subsequently, MRTV-4 was started internationally in 2006 with major broadcasters such as Start World, Star Movies, etc. Mandalay FM and Pyainsawadi FM were introduced as FM radio stations in 2008 and 2009. In 2010, the range of available digital TV stations was expanded to 4 digital stations and MRTV-4 was renamed 4 TV internationally.

The Forever Group rolled out the first High Definition channel in Myanmar in 2011 and there are currently 8 High Definition channel on 4 TV. In 2013, two new free to air free-to-authoring, literary and religious-channel niches were added, the Readers' Channel and the Mahabodi Channel. Forever Blossom, Media Kabar, Myanmar Media Development Cente (MMDC), White Lotus, System Integration, Myanmar Online (MOL), Myanmar Creative Index Village (MICV) and Forever BEC-Tero.

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