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The website is a subdomain of WEICOME TO MY CHANNEL ! With the opening of Myanmar, freedom of the media is growing. The United Channel specializes in foreign domestic workers in Myanmar who are more service-oriented and conservative.

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Jung in (Lim Soo Jung) & Doo-Hyun (Lee Sun-Kyun) are meeting in Nagoya, Japan during an easter. Jung-In and Doo-Hyun are remarried seven years later. Jung in is still an appealing lady, classy and passionate cook, but Doo-Hyun is unhappy. He' s so desperate he's thinking about getting a separation, but he' too gentle to get a one.

In order to get away from his woman, Doo-Hyun asks for a posting at work. Doo Hyun is now thrilled to be away from his woman. Soon, when Jung-In shows up in his provisional flat without warning, he soon becomes desperate again! Approximately one and a half days later Doo-Hyun sees several women standing in front of his neighbour's door.

All of the girls seem to desperately speak to their neighbours and even struggle with each other. Turns out that Doo-Hyun's neighbour is a mythical Cassanova called Sung-Ki ("Ryoo Seung-Ryong"). Sung Ki has an exceptional ability to seduce girls, but he wants to stop seduce girls. In the meantime, Doo-Hyun has a scheme.

Sung-Ki, his neighbour, is begging him to tempt his woman to get his woman to part!

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M-RTV 4, a well-known television station, with ADP from World Vision

MRTV-4, the country's well-known television station, has attended one of World Vision's Yangon based programmes and captured some of the developments supported by World Vision in Hmawbi, near the biggest town of Yangon. MRTV-4 chronicled the Early Childhood Care and Childhood Care and Agricultural Activity on April 4.

During the ECCD episode, children from Pyin Taung TwinVillage and their teachers and one of their mothers were filming. A group of farmers from the town of Kyauk Pone, where World Vision is initiating "group agriculture", share their fascinating experiences. It' a new World Vision campaign and the locals are very happy about the results.

"It is a very good indication that more people are interested in the work of World Vision. It is the best way to support our work and reach the general community and even different layers of government," says Aung Kyaw Soe, Hmawbi Area Planning Programme Director. TV programming will be broadcast at the end of April.

With the opening of Myanmar, there will be more free access to the press.

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