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Happy: Action, war, A former naval sniper is lured on a top-secret mission to take out a rogue general committing atrocities on the Muslim side. More Action Movies >>. ""The international community must act. At the moment there are no programs on this channel. A kamikaze hit his ship and a war veteran jumped into action.

For clarification: OP speaks of the AMC cable channel, not of the AMC film chain.

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Burma surgery: Seventy commands complete tasks in 40 mins.

Myanmar's surgery attack was conducted by a squad of approximately 70 commands from the Myanmar Army, who completed the surgery within 40 mins, and left 38 Naga rebels deceased and seven wounded on Tuesday. It was taken the ruling of "hot pursuit" hour after the death of the Naga fighters 18 troops in an ambuscade in Chandel area of Manipur on June 4 and the release was received by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the evening of June 7, shortly after his returning from Bangladesh, said secret source to the detail.

Commands from 21 Para, armed with semi-automatic guns, missile launcher, shells, and evening glasses, were dropped off by Dhruv choppers on Tuesday at around 3 a.m. directly within India's borders with Myanmar, said securitys. On one occasion on the ground, they said, the task force quota was divided into two groups and heading for two NSCN (K) and KYKL-led bases in charge of the fatal June 4 ambuscade.

Whilst one was in charge of the straightforward attack, the second was making an outside ring to stop any of the rebels from racing and escaping," said wells. It took about 40 min. for the real surgery (impact and destruction of the camp). Wells rating grounds reports said 38 fighters were killed and seven others were wounded in shock.

They also used infrared images to follow the surgery, about which Myanmar officials were kept informed, they said. "It was conducted on the basis of highly detailed and precise information", and the mission was conducted by General Officer Commanding (GoC) of Dimapur-based 3.

General Dalbir Singh Suhag, who had delayed his visit to Britain for the surgery, coordinated from ArmyHQ. It was decided to start persecution only a few hour after the ambuscade on 4 June at a session presided over by Interior Minister Rajnath Singh and in the presence of Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar, National Security Adviser Ajit Doval, Suhag and others.

Premier gave the definitive approval and the mission was supervised by Mr Doval. According to reports, the army will conduct more such missions in the area if necessary. During the June 4 session, it was originally proposed that the assault on the fighters' camps should be conducted the very next morning, the springs said, but the army chief stated his failure to hold the strikes at such brief intervals.

It was, however, agreed that the strikes must take place as early as possible, as a "hot-pursuit" is usually held within 72 hrs after an event by fighters. Then the supreme safety authority ruled that the assault would take place on Monday, and General Suhag was asked to make all the necessary arrangements.

Taoiseach Narendra Modi was informed of the ruling, the source said. It examined the possibilities of an aerial attack with Sukhoi and MiG-29 fighter planes as well as a land attack by military units. In order to fine-tune the operations, Doval interrupted the Prime Minister's two-day trip to Bangladesh on 6 and 7 June.

By the time the assault was over, the Prime Minister was in Bangladesh and there was a need to inform him about all facets of the operations, said the source, and added, so that the strikes were postponed again by one afternoon and ended early Tuesday for the early mornings. In the meantime, the army chief visited Manipur.

He was informed of the operations upon his Sunday evening flight from Bangladesh and received his definitive approval.

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