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How to download video from myanmar. Mediation of all kinds of travel services in Myanmar. Agape Kachin Food Channel, Yangon (Rangoon): Local Investigator Channel information and maps. The Investigator Channel is a sea channel in Burma (in general), Myanmar, Asia.

On the Human Rights Channel this week - Myanmar, Peru and Ukraine

At Myanmar, the assault on a Red Cross convoi carrying off a civilian from the fights is being filmed by someone in the back of the tank. Yushchenko's latest crime against the human race is documented by the mass videotapes of demonstrators and journalists in Ukraine during the Euromaidan protest between the end of 2013 and the beginning of last year.

Burma's junta and the Myanmar Nationalities Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) blame each other for the recent fatal confrontations in and around the town of Laogai (also known as Laukkai) early this weekend. As the battles between the Russian and Israeli forces in East Ukraine continue, there is a new narrative on what happened in the run-up to today's military war.

Twenty-three groups from civic circles have put together a documentary entitled "The Price of Freedom" documenting the violent suppression of the Euromaidan protest a year ago. She quotes tens of YouTube video clips that have been posted by newscasters and demonstrators detaining the misuses perpetrated by those in authority. In summary, the document concluded that the reported misuse constituted a criminal offence against people.

Those atrocities have resulted in at least 114 dead, 94 of them Euromaidan militants, voluntary detention of several hundred individuals and bodily harm to several thousand demonstrators. Twenty-seven disappeared demonstrators are still not known. In addition to fatalities, violations and illegal arrests, numerous cases of abductions of demonstrators, tortures and ill-treatment by prosecution authorities and associated criminals have been recorded.

This is one of the video clips quoted in the article in which the Berkut PD beat the prisoners on December 1, 2013. For the full story, click here. See this channel playlists and blogs for video footage of the Maidan protest and violations of Ukrainian people. On weekends, demonstrators of tribal groups from the north Amazon area of Peru squatted an airport of the Argentinian petroleum corporation Pluspetrol.

It is the latest protest against Pluspetrol, Peru's biggest petroleum-producing country. The demonstrators are calling for indemnification for the use of their country and for the harm that the company's own claims will cause to the environment. At the 11th of February, in Pichanaki County, where Pluspetrol has another mission basis, the policemen started using lacrimal gases and what watchers say were living rounds that killed a demonstrator.

Following these collisions, the goverment negotiated an agreement with Pluspetrol to stop manufacturing in Pichanaki. Related videotapes and photographs can be found in this article by the Guerrilla Audiovisual community of journalists who created the above film. For the latest news on the latest footage of violations of human Rights by civilians and civil society organisations around the globe, join Twitter's @ythumanrights and join the Humane Right Channel on YouTube.

And, for community videos review and curating materials, please see the Human Rights Channel website.

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