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Weather in Chad

Weather and climate guide to Chad, showing you the best time to visit and the clothes you need in Chad. There are three different weather zones in Chad. Forecast for N'Djamena, Chari-Baguirmi (Chad). Chad Everett Myers is an American meteorologist and the storm expert for CNN. Previous weather with monthly averages for N'djamena.

geographical area

The Chad has a warm and tropic atmosphere, with different temperature levels in different areas. May to October is the southerly and June to September the main wet seasons. There is very little precipitation in the northern part of the country all year round. The Chad is located in the heart of Africa and borders Libya to the N, Niger, Nigeria and Cameroon to the NW, the Cameroon to the SW and the Sudan to the SE.

Ennedi is located in the NE and the Tibesti Mountains in the NE - mainly steep rocks, gorges and gorges between the Sahara sands.

Weather in Chad

Chad's predominant climatic feature is its position in the centre of Africa, bordering Cameroon, Nigeria and Niger to the West, Sudan to the South, the Central African Republic to the Nothern and Libya to the Sudan. Ennedi deserts in the NE and the Tibesti vulcanic chain in the NE are formed by gorges, gorges and huge rocks stretching across the Saharan sands.

There are three different weather areas in Chad. The temperature in the southern tropics often ranges from 68°F to 77°F, but this can reach up to 104°F before rains. In N'Djamena's and Lake Chad's capitol, the pre-rain temperature often exceeds 113°F. Northerly areas are prone to much higher temperature.

From November to January is the best period to come to Chad, when the weather is coldest and most tolerable. Every year in July, the Sahel turns beautifully verdant, but travelling during the wet seasons is uncomfortable because of torrential waters and slushy roads in N'Djamena.

May to October is the southern raintime. Rainfall occurs in central Chad between June and September. There is hardly any rain in the northern part due to the desertscale.

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