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The Cha-am is a district (Amphoe) in the southern part of the province Phetchaburi, Western Thailand. Discover Cha-am holiday and discover the best time and places to visit. The Cha-Am is a holiday resort on the Gulf of Thailand in the province of Phetchaburi. Cha Am is one of the most popular places near Hua Hin and not far from Bangkok, so a day trip to Cha-Am is possible.

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It was founded in 1897 under the name Na Yang. The center of the county was relocated to Ban Nong Chok in 1914 (now in Tha Yang County and its name was transferred to Nong Chok. In the aftermath of World War II, the administration relocated the offices to Tambón Cha-am and renamed the county to Cha-am.

It is 173 km from Bangkok. Cha-am is connected to neighboring cities such as Hua Hin and Bangkok by regular buses and minibuses. Northern part of the country is Tha Yang County. Twenty seven kilometers to the southwest is the Hua Hin county in the province of Prachuap Khiri Khan, also a seaside town.

The Cha-am district is subdivided into nine sub-districts (Tambon). Cha-am and its surroundings are home to several colleges and Universities, among them Silpakorn University (Phetchaburi IT Campus), Suan Dusit Rajaphat University, Stamford International University and Webster University Thailand.

Thailand-Information for visitors and expatriates

Cha-Am successfully serves international visitors, but is still a Thailand based tourist destination with a large proportion of Thailand's population. In Cha-Am there is hardly any night life. There' re much better places elsewhere if you're after celebrating and overnight life action. Thais who visit Cha-Am usually come from Bangkok at weekends.

You don't have to say that Cha-Am is the right place if you are traveling with your Thai woman or your Thai ancestor. It is also perfect for westerly people, as there are many kids games and no bars like in Pattaya or Phuket. Expatriates and long-term visitors in Cha-Am are mostly pensioners from Northern Europe (Scandinavia, Netherlands.....).

make one's way in the morning

Cha-am (????) is a favourite holiday on the beaches for working folks and Bangkok college kids. It is a very nice thailand seaside event with food and drinks at umbrella-protected wicker baskets and desks. Hua-am doesn't see many aliens; most of the time, the tourists are older Europeans who spend the hibernation here instead of Hua Hin.

As Hua Hin, the flat ocean is better suited for stroll and sunbath, but unlike its south neighbor, there is not much more to do outside the bath.

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