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The registration for autumn football at Capital FC is now possible! In the coming year CFC North will offer an additional try-out for those who are interested in our Boys and Girls U8 & U9 team. In the coming year CFC North will offer an additional try-out for those who are interested in our Boys and Girls U8 & U9 team. Each team trains once a week throughout the entire working day (with the option of a second practice session) and plays small matches on Saturdaymorning. It can either complement your existing itinerary, which is used for more challenges than parking and record or top level gamers (some gamers can play).

Training and matches concentrate on the improvement of the players' technique with the aim of mastering the game as well as possible. Syllabus for each programme will be coherent. Please note: No TRYOUT is necessary for participation in the autumn hospitals. You are all welcome. These CFC North Hospitals aim to provide an entertaining and secure setting in which we want to help the player become more familiar with the game through exercises and matches.

Player are grouped by age/skills. Please note: No TRYOUT is necessary to take part in the Mini Baller-Programme. You are all welcome. CFC North Mini Ballers aims to provide children with a great football game. Coach keeps the programme simple, encouraging and fun, so everyone has a great quality of life!

Congratulation to the CFC Arsenal 2007 Ladies! The CFC Arsenal Women's NYCSL NYCSL NYPL D1 Champions und Four Champions de la finale. Terrific chicks. Kacey Lawrence's two strikes and Jenna Hall's and the CFC defence's exclusion ensured the last win as the CFC United ECNL 2002 women beat the world class 2-0 last game.

A 10-1-1-1-1 Ligarekord in CFC' s first Northeast Conference Championship in association footballers' records, and the team's 15-3-2 overall records were good for third place in the nation during the normal campaign - a campaign in which they defeated the #2 and #3 sides in the nation for a 1-0 loss to the reigning titleholder and the #1 side, So Cal Blues.

The next event for the U16 squad in Seattle is the ECNL National Championships from 21 to 26 June, which will be held in Seattle to celebrate No 9. Newcastle United - 1st Ever Camp! The CFC is working with the EPL Club Newcastle United to host the first Newcastle United/CFC Summer Camp.

Campsite is open for 8-13 year old youngsters. The Newcastle United Soccer School wants to help kids improve their game. It' a five-day football course where kids like the pros can practice and have a good time while learning to follow the Newcastle United Way!

If you want to know more about Newcastle United, take a look at this 2-minute long movie....... "We' re together! "Reservations for Newcastle United International Soccer School are now being accepted on our website: In recent years, each subsidiary has its own development programme and Premier U11-U13 team. The United Boy and Girl Programme for the club's most gifted and dedicated youth begins at the tender age of fourteen.

United Girls have two clubs per group and will play in the ECNL and NPL, while the Boys' Programme has one that will play in the ECNL (starting in'17/'18) and one that will still play in the NEP NPL League. CFC provides national and regional support for the U14-U18 ages for those who do not wish to participate in the United programme.

The two nearest stores work together in the I League region and in the Connecticut State Cup. Once the request is there, each arm can set up different U14-U18 crews, but there will always be a comfortable place to meet the needs of people of all skill groups.

If your aim is to get the highest quality football in your collegiate class, or if you want to keep fit for your high scholastic seasons, CFC has something for everyone.

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