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Cat Ceylon

The Ceylon cat comes from Italy and it is remarkable that this is the only cat bred in this country. Ceylon cats were originally from Sri Lanka, but since they were brought to Italy and wanted by Italian breeders, they are now imported directly from Italy. Discover the life span of Ceylon with pictures, origin and history. Dorsal aspect of the Ceylon cat snake is grey-brown with a series of dark brown markings. This fine-legged cat is friendly and attentive, playful and energetic and has an attractive ticked coat.

There are 6 cats from Asia.

In Asia there are many indigenous breeds: some of the most attractive and beloved kittens were born there. Generally, Asiatic feline races have a number of qualities that distinguish them from the remaining felines of the whole worl. Read on and explore the key features of Asia's catteries!

Ceylon is a lovely race from Sri Lanka. It is still largely unfamiliar in the West, but an ltalian breeder has recently started to grow and distribute it. Ceylon cats are not yet recognised by the Catholic Fanciers' Association, the Fédération Internationale Féline and the International cat Association.

The cattery is perfect for life in homes and suites. Ceylon is characterized by its physicality. Ceylon is of medium height, has well developed muscles and very smooth straight coat. Myanmar is a native race of the Myanmarese. When they were taken to the USA and the UK, Burma kittens became widespread all over the inland.

There was a norm and the first Burma kittens were only tan; today they accept shirts in blues, champagnes and platinas, but sables are still the favourite. Myanmar kitten is middle large, has a round shaped skull, a long nose and middle big eyes. Like the Siameses, Burma is a very bright and noisy cattery.

By crossing a Zobelkatze with an American Shorthair a new race developed in the 1950' years. The breeders goal was to make a cat-size leopard and she succeed. But Bombay females only look like leopards; they are highly attached.

It is always shiny dark and has well developed muscle, as its coat is very hairy and satin. His pretty little skulls are always bright red, golden or cupreous. Mumbai monkeys don't like to be alone. Siameses are exceptional domestic animals for their overall balance: they are lovable, but also smart, affectionate, independent, neat, sociable, (somehow) energetic and have an elegance and refinement of sophistication.

The cattery originates from Asia, because Siameses come from Thailand. You can find different kinds of Siameses here. Every Thai has its own personalities; observing the behaviour of a Thai can be very comical. Whether you want to capture the game with your feet in a TV soccer game, or watch them pee while sitting on the toilet and hide in nooks and crannies to bounce off their feet as you pass by, a Thai kitten will always entertain you!

Bobtail is a race from Japan with a noteworthy history: According to myth, these kittens came by ship from the Kuril Islands to the coast of Japan a thousand years ago. The year 1602 forbade anyone to buy, trade or keep a female of any race in their house.

They had to be discharged onto the roads of Japan to destroy a pest of rivets that destroyed crops of wild rices and silks. A peculiarity of this asiatic cattery is its small and distorted cock. Dragon Li Hua, also known as Chinese Li Hua, is a Chinese kitten that was introduced to the pet food industry in 2003.

This indigenous race is thought to come from a kind of Wildcat, the Chines Mountaineer (Felis new vestris bieti). The Asiatic cattery is very muscled and middle-size. The Dragon Li kittens usually come in oliv green tones and have the characteristic black stripe fur of tabbies. Shorthair is a very close relative of the Siamese and has its origin in Thailand.

The race was however in the United States of America develop and standard. That slim female looks remarkable: Her big eyes make the short haired Asian Shorthair unique. He has a shape and shape reminiscent of the fashionable Siaam. A very loving and neat kitten, ideal for a tender living in an appartment.

There are many different colours, designs and facial features of this lovely race. For similar products on 6 Asian cat breeds, we suggest you check out our Comparisons section.

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