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Ceylon is a native breed developed by the Cat Club of Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon). CCCofA logo, CFA logo, FIFe logo, GCCF logo, NZCF logo, SACC logo, TICA logo, WCF logo. Locate the perfect Ceylon cat stock photo. Beddome's and Ceylon's cat snake are nocturnal and tree-like. ceylon cat snake.

Sri Lanka Cat: Learn more about the Sri Lankan cat

Ceylon cats, or Ceylon cats, originate from Sri Lanka. Ceylon is a Sri Lankan cats. Ceylon " is the old name for the isle in the indian ocean. Ceylon soon became a great Italian hit. But a second assumption, on the basis of more detailed research, lead her to believe that the Ceylon cats actually originate from old Egypt.

Ceylon is therefore today a hybrid between Sri Lankan and Egyptian kittens known as Chaus. The Ceylon Society was founded in 1988, and in the same year Dr. Pellegatta took six generation of the race to an exhibition of the International Feline Federation, with documentation that they show in their own habits, in the hopes that the race will be recognized.

Today the Ceylon is still regarded as a very uncommon race and is not recognized outside of Europe, although it is very common in Sri Lanka. Ceylon has a semi-cobby shape and is of medium height with a relatively small inertia. She also has medium sized, slim but strong feet with round toes.

It is well proportional to the remainder of its anatomy, its shape is medium in height and it has a triangle shape. Your ear is placed on the bigger sized and very near to each other on top of the skull, with a round tip. Ceylon's fur is known for being smooth and velvety. There is no sub-wool and the algae are finely woven.

A Ceylon grown-up weights between 3.5 and 6 kilograms and is about 30 to 35 cm high. Ceylon is available in the following colours: dark, deep pink, turquoise, blue, creme and tortie. It may have a striped fur, but it must have the same color as the strand. Ceylon cats are known for being shy, but that doesn't stop them from being alive.

Ceylon loves to be in the hearts of the families and it is not in their natur to dare far away from their homes. As the Ceylon cats like to hunt, it is important that they have toys or a scratching post so that they can let off some of their fumes. Ceylon is not vulnerable to certain diseases.

Ceylon cats have an avarage life of 15 years. Because of its shorter length of coat, Ceylon cats do not need any special brushing at all.

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