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You can find character, photo, video, price and further information about ceylon cat on our website. You will find everything you need to know about the Ceylon cat breed without further delay. Learn more about this Sri Lankan cat! Ceylon is a native breed developed by the Cat Club of Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon). Race Ceylon cats appeared in Italy, but the original is considered the birthplace of Sri Lanka.

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The Ceylon cat is a very uncommon race. These are the only kittens that have been raised in Italy. They are distinguished by a single colour: ticky + markings of a taby. Like the name already says, the birth place of the race Ceylon - now it is the island Sri Lanka.

He liked the native cat so much that he took several with him to Italy. He and other growers began a pedigree programme to help us find a new race, eliminate undesirable traits and establish a benchmark. There is no known precise genealogical source for this race. In Sri Lanka there were other coloured and speckled kittens that could be the progenitors of these kittens that we know today.

It is not a fact that Wildcats did not take part in the breeding. This race is something like a Thaikatze. Ceylon has small or middle size cat. Blood standards and descriptions according to the WCF World Cat Organization: Colour: from brilliant yellows to greens; nose is brief; small or middle size chest, wide shoulder and hip, round belly; feet are middle long, slim, round on cushions; tail is relatively long, tapers to a round tip; yarn is very long, thin and smooth structured, sticks tightly to the underfur.

Ceylon is a very vivid and energetic cat. A Ceylon cat likes a large and open room, but usually gets along well in the home when she has to clean up. These are, according to the owner, submissive and by no means agressive. Cylon is a very uncommon race because there is no full information about the condition of these females and how to take it.

The Ceylon cat is found to be more prone to catarrheal illnesses due to its brief nostrils. Generally Ceylon cat grooming is common in short-haired cats: swimming rarely, brushing several baths a day, cleansing the ear, mouth, teeth as well as eye area. This is why you need not only a complete, dehydrated diet to keep Ceylon fed, but also porridge, vegetable, green stuff, low-fat cooked meats and intestines.

Because of their bad digestibility it is not advisable to give these females grain. Normally a Ceylon cat has a monochrome colour with a tic. It is similar to the Absyssinian race. At the same and the same moment there is a painting on the feet of a cat - even Abyssinians had it once.

This is why the Ceylon cat is often likened to the Abyssinian. The colour of the Ceylon cat can be in different shades: from sandy to gild. There' s a distinction in the shade of the ticking: dark; scarlet; tortilla blackened; navy; cream; creamy bluish-cream. When you tick on a grey backdrop, it is referred to as the colour of Mansila. There is a clear stripe design on the back, feet and tails of the Ceylon cat, a design in the shape of the letters M on the forefront.

It has a ticked tip. The tip of the cock is decorated in the colour of a tic. Pad from paw in shade to colour, bouquet - rose with edge in shade of yarn. What does a Ceylon cat kitty costs? It is an extremly uncommon race of cat that is still trying to find.

This is made more difficult by the fact that it is prohibited to breed Ceylon with other races.

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