Central Yangon

Yangon Central

The Yangon Central station in downtown Yangon, is the largest station in Myanmar. Rehabilitation of the Yangon Central Railway Station will begin next year, said General Manager U Htun Aung Thin of Myanma Railways. The Central Hotel is a great place to stay in Yangon. Grand Hotel is a good example of traditional architecture in Yangon. Yangon Rangoon - Myanmar Yangon Rangoon.


The Central won the Myanmar Property Awards 2017 in all nominees for which it was named, among them the "Special Recognition in Corporate Social Responsibility" award and the highest award in the sector as "Best Developer". It' called The Central. Central is one of a kind. Myanmar's legacy, it is integrated into the natural world and fills our lives with lights and spaces.

The Central is the new standard for luxurious accommodation as an adress, assets, urbane haven and life-style-chosice. Central is, in very realistic words, a home improvement that is closely linked to the natural environment in a top position and meets the needs of a busy city's cosmopolitan world.


The Central is the new standard for luxurious living as an adress, assets, urbane haven and life-style-election. Central is on the intersection of Kabar Aye Pagoda Road and Kanbe Road, two of Yangon's highways. Located on the edge of the Inya Lake tabloid, it follows the shoreline along its charming verdant avenue.

Yangon's biggest and the most attractive recreational hot spot for local and national people. It is a unique chance to purchase an adress that is rare and represents the real centre of Yangon.


Central, one of Myanmar's most luxurious condominium complexes, is very well situated overlooking the sea and on the edge where the busy streets of Yangon cross. Central's architectural style is one of a kind, very nice and contemporary. Headquarters takes care of the needs of all civilizations and peoples of different nations in this high-energy town.

Yangon is an up-and-coming business centre and a great metropolis in the ASEAN area. Yangon's imposing condominium has been cleverly conceived with the needs and customs of indigenous and non-native inhabitants in consideration. There is a breathtaking panoramic area.

It is possible to admire the views of Lac Inya and the sea from the large window and the apartment terrace. Apartments are very roomy and there is a lot of sun. There is the biggest roofed car park in Yangon. Yangon is the biggest of the lakes in Yangon and is very famous as a touristic place and Yangon Kondo at Central runs along its coast.

You can enjoy the views and the beautiful views of the beautiful lakes from the area. Yangon's commercial area and the Gold Vale are in the immediate vicinity of Central. Headquarters is 20 minutes by car from Yangon International Airport. Central has been carefully thought out and is very roomy with plenty of daylight.

Definitely deluxe. Central is a whole globe in itself, uniting various institutions in one state-of-the-art facility. And you wouldn't want to go out of your apartment. Our headquarters is constructed with great love for detail. There are many open-air pools, conference and event rooms, restaurants, bars, caf├ęs, fully equiped gym, fully furnished commercial center, billiard room, saunas, children's playrooms and books.

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