Central Hotel Yangon room Rates

Yangon Central Hotel Room Prices

Don't get a room where overlooking the main street, this street nose will make you crazy. Check prices and find the best deal for Central Hotel Yangon. Flat screen TV, mini bars and room service are offered in all rooms. In the Central Hotel we specialise in combining exceptional conference rooms with impeccable service. Please check room prices and availability.

Yangon Central Hotel, Yangon - Up to 50% discount on hotels

Main occupants must be at least 18 years of age at check-in. Visitors must present a photocopy of ID at check-in. If you book directly at the hotel, we need your bank account information to ensure your reservation.

Reservation confirmations depend on the hotel's approval of your hotel payment order. Room rates include surcharges for kids. Earlier check-in or later checkout is dependent on hotel availabilities and may be invoiced by the hotel. Default check-in is 2 pm and default checkout is 11 am.

You will receive a hotel e-mail confirming your reservation. If you want to arrive early or leave the hotel later, you can go directly to the hotel. Room rates are inclusive of all tax. Room rates do not cover the cost of additional amenities (such as room amenities, minibar, snack or telephoning).

This is calculated at checkout. Room rates include the cost of an additional adult cot. The user has to reimburse the cancellation/modification fees for each up-date. Changes in reservations depend on the hotel's availablility and changed reservation policies. Costs of cancellation/modification are included and any waivers are at the hotel's sole discretion. 2.

Brochure of the hotel

Download hotel prices..... The Regal Central Hotel is the ideal place for travellers who want to experience the places of interest and the sound of Yangon. This is the place where you can easily find everything the vibrant town has to boast of. And for those of you who want to go out, the Singapore Embassy, the Japanese Embassy, Chaukhtatgyi Paya are just some of the tourist amenities.

Benefit from a host of unsurpassed hospitality and comforts at this hotel in Yangon. The hotel provides linen delivery / drying maintenance, 24-hour room maintenance, touring, restaurants for the guest's comforts. Minibar, satelite / CATV, bath, non-smoking rooms, TV are just a few of the features at your disposition.

The hotel also offers a wide range of leisure activities so that you have a lot to do during your sojourn. Outstanding amenities and an outstanding setting make the Regal Central Hotel the ideal starting point for your visit to Yangon.

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