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Yangon Hotel Centre

The Wyndham Grand Yangon Royal Lake Hotel. The historical pagoda is the centre of Yangon, allegedly the point from which the British built the road network of Yangon, which still functions so well today. Yangon, Myanmar. Centre of Yangon. jpg - Tourist Attractions.

Pullman Yangon Centrepoint has an outdoor pool, a fitness centre and a children's pool.

Sule Pagoda Road and Merchant Street intersect in the centre of the Yangon shopping area. It is strategically situated in the centre of Yangon.

Sule Pagoda Road and Merchant Street intersect in the center of the Yangon office area. It is strategically situated in the Yangon city center. The new emblem offers a one-of-a-kind five-star hotel combining an international-style hotel with high class retail stores and offices in downtown Yangon.

Yangon Centre Point Hotel Tower

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Center of Yangon - Sule Pagode, Yangon (Rangoon) Traveler reviews

The Sule Pagoda is located in the centre of the traffic circle. Formerly it was the centre of Yangon. It' a rather small place and crosses the street to get there, it's a real challange, but good! It is a beautiful place to relax from the bustle of Yangon.

It was a great experience and I really liked the picture, even though it can't quite keep up with the big one. It' s great that you have to take off your boots so that you can get rid of the meanders' warmth in the centre of Yangon. Sule' s position is interesting. It' in the centre of a crossroads.

The Sule Pagoda abounds in the abundance of hand golden, Buddha religious and pendants. Situated in the Yangon CBD, this less well-known symbol is definitely a must. Before the elections I saw it and it seemed that every one of the parties (especially the NLD of Aung San Su Kyi) would use this pagoda as a basis for their electoral work.

Giant cityscape in the centre of the town. When travelling to Myanmar, do not delay to see the Sule Pass. Were you at Sule Avenue?

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