Census of Population and Housing 2014

Population and Housing Census 2014

Census of population and housing 2009 in Vietnam: For this reason, countries compile statistics on population and housing between the years 2005-2014 during the 2010 census period. These are the national population and housing censuses. In 2014, a general population and housing census was conducted. 28 December 2013, majority of households use electricity for lighting and wood for cooking (results of the 2010 census).

Populations and censuses

These censuses were conducted as of 1 November 2011, as this is the largest statistical censuses. People: gender, ages, nationalities, educational levels, occupational levels, migration and mobility,..... Build-ups: population, make-up, pair and core of the household..... Number of storeys, condition of the house, year of erection.....

2015 Census Results (English Version)

Census of the Fourth Population and Housing Census (PHC) 2015 was carried out from 1 to 7 March 2015 in accordance with Ministerial Decree No. 89/PM of 11 September 2013. Since 1985, the PHC conducts its work in the state every 10 years. PHC 2015 is important because it provides statistical information that facilitates government designers' and political decision-makers' work.

Information it provides on the basis of information from almost everyone in the countryside is of inestimable value for a wide range of programmes and programmes in the fields of combating extreme poverty, healthcare, training, drinking and sanitary installations, improvement of other infrastructure, promoting equal opportunities for men and women and strengthening the position of female populations, and enhancing the lives of people living in isolated areas.

The PHC 2015 of the Lao PDR contains details and disaggregates information on the demographical and socio-economic features of the population and budgets at either federal or regional levels. Hopefully, the information and information from this PHC will be useful to guarantee integrated and sustained local and regional expansion and rural sustainability, in particular for the programming, supervision and assessment of the Eighth Framework Programme.

Population census by publication - 0NS

April 9, 2014: Supplemental spreadsheets with local characteristics on location types, ethnical groups, nationality, English language skills, long-term medical or handicap problems, students' housing and schooling. This is the first publication of indicators describing the population of Wales and supplementing the published statistical data in July 2012. As a rule, estimations of population by ages and gender and estimates of the number of inhabitants in occupying homes.

The number of persons with second address in England and Wales. Estimations of the total population. Budget and population estimations by gender and gender for community agencies. Estimations of the total population. Budget and population estimations by gender and gender for community agencies.

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