Celine Dion las Vegas

Dion Las Vegas.

The second concert residence of the Canadian artist Celine Dion. Las Vegas Celine Celine returned to the Colosseum at Caesars Palace on August 27, 2015 with an update of her residence show, which was enthusiastically received by supporters and the music world. "Dion's Nights of Victory and Success - incomparable and unforgettable."

"The new show under the direction of Ken Ehrlich shows Dion in a new way, connecting her past with the present while hugging the future." "Celine Dion's place among the Las Vegas legend is strengthened by her returning to the Colosseum." Celine, at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, is a glamourous show staged by Ken Ehrlich, the iconic Grammy Awards maker and presented by AEG Live and Caesars Entertainment.

Celine' s up-dated Las Vegas show features her greatest hit mixes with classic songs from icons celebrating all generation and genre of Elvis to the Bee Gees, Queen and Prince. And Celine is returning to the Colosseum with a new dressing room, designed by her stylists in cooperation with Atelier Versace, Schiaparelli, Elie Saab and Mugler.

Celine' s performance at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace until June 2016 is now available. You can purchase your ticket in the Colosseum at the Caesars Palace box office, by phoning 866-320-9763 or on-line at thecolosseum.com or axs.com. The shows are all planned for 7:30 p.m. Celine, one of the most famous, highly regarded and succesful artists in popular musical heritage, has released nearly 250 million records in her 30-year ordeal.

It has won five Grammy Awards, two Academy Awards, seven American Awards, 20 Juno Awards (Canada) and an amazing 40 Felix Awards (Quebec). Celine won the Diamond Awards at the World Awards in 2004, making her the best-selling performer of all times. She was awarded the Legend Awards at the World Awards in 2007 for her worldwide achievements and excellent contributions to the musical world.

More information about Celine Dion can be found at www.celinedion.com.

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