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DB BANK EXCHANGE RATE TODAY. Cash withdrawals at CB ATMs in Myanmar. The local banking courses follow Myanmar's central bank. Home; Monetary policy;

Market operations; Exchange rates. The interest rate can also be calculated.

iBank Mobile Banking

The CB Bank Cellular Bank is a full range of cell services available on all cell telephone network. The customer only has to pay for his or her account on his or her cell and can then sign up at the CB Bank's closest branch to link his or her account to the selected cell number and use the same.

This allows clients to conduct their finance operations simply and securely anywhere.

Murtercard ATM withdrawals in Myanmar - Myanmar Message Board

I' d like to know how the exchange rate is set? The courses are offered by the central bank of Myanmar. The current rate can be viewed under the following adress. I have a Visa credit and/or debit card. Second-hand Visa Credit Lines & Visa Credits. Enquire at your bank. The only problem was that both ATM machines at Yangon Airport were out of money and only offered 20,000 for a price of 25,000 inclusive!

Hello, I withdrew 100,000 Kyats from a KBZ bank in Yangon last weekend with a Visa-Debitcard. It' interesting to see how this deal will appear on my bank account history. If we do not comply with our policies, we will delete any postings and we retain the right to delete postings for any cause.

Exchange rate

The exchange rate of the Bank was wrongly quoted on 1 June 2012 due to a disturbance in the Icelandic Central Bank's MIS. The exchange rate needed to be published again and the revised information was posted on the bank's website about 50 mins after the first quotation. There was a small or 26 kronur (26 aurar) in the exchange rate of the euros, and a similar amount for other currrent.

For this mistake, the Federal Reserve apologizes. French Riviera 2011 As a result of errors in the programming, the exchange rates of several different foreign currency denominations were entered wrongly in the reporting year. Affected are the China Ruan (CNY), the Taiwan Dollars (TWD), the Republic of Korea Won (KRW), the Surinam Dollars (SRD), the India Rupees (INR), the Brasilian Rupees (BRL) and the Japanese Dollars (JMD).

Exchange rate changes for these major currency pairs have been made in the exchange rate data base of the Central Bank of Iceland. On 2 February 2011, the largest gap was when the exchange rate recognised and the rate correctly differed by about 5.8%. For example, the CNY at ISK 1 was quoted higher than it should have been.

Please note that the exchange rate of these foreign exchange rates is not the formal benchmark rate within the meaning of Art. 19 of the Law on the Bank of Iceland, no. For information mainly to website visitors, the Federal Reserve shall record the exchange rates of the above mentioned majorities.

However, the Central Bank attaches great importance to presenting accurate information on exchange rate movements and will do its utmost to increase the accuracy of this information in the fuutu. We have also adjusted the weighting of exchange rate movements, although the impact of these exchange rate movements on the weighting indexes is very small.

Thus, the spread in the tight trade-weighted index for 2 February 2011 was -0.169%. At the end of 2008, the Central Bank of Iceland stopped publishing the exchange rate index (the trade-weighted index, TWI), as published in the Bank's press releases. 43/2006 of 30 November 2006 and its opinion on the update of the basket of currencies and the adoption of new exchange rate indicators (see: Update of basket of currencies and adoption of new exchange rate indicators).

Also see the Bank's press information.

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