Cast away


Take a look into the hills of the San Fernando Valley and discover the best views of Los Angeles, the award-winning contemporary steakhouse cuisine and first-class service. Throw away - Lost (2000) This is the real tale of Captain Richard Phillips and the kidnapping by Somalian Brethren of the US-flagged MV Maersk Alabama, the first US freighter in two hundred years. Chesley Sullenberger, an US aviator who became a heroe after his aircraft landed on the Hudson River to rescue passenger and crews.

Throughout the Cold War, an US attorney is hired to protect an imprisoned Russian operative in a trial and then help the CIA allow the operative to be replaced by the Soviet-captured US U2 espionage aircraft driver Francis Gary Powers. If a man with HIV is dismissed from his legal office because of his state, he employs a homophobe little attorney as the only willing attorney for an unjustified fare.

An experienced FBI operative is following Frank Abagnale Jr. who successfully counterfeited cheques valued at million US dollar before his nineteenth anniversary while impersonating a Pan Am driver, physician and public attorney. As Chuck cuts HELP into the sands with his feet, you see the seaweed tidemark under the characters and the sands are obviously smooth, suggesting that it is above the tidemark.

In the next sequence, when the flood has come and half of the characters have been flushed away, the flood weeds sign is above the characters.

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