Graph summary Voice-over explaining the importance of Casablanca in French Morocco. Throughout the Second World War, many Europeans wanted to leave for America, and Lisbon, Portugal, became the most loved starting point. In Casablanca, a winding trail of refugees took the refugees looking for an entry permit for Portugal.

When the storyteller ends the story, the film shows the busy village of Casablanca. France's policemen announce on the air that two of Germany's military officials were killed in a single attack and that the killer is on his way to Casablanca. Soon after, an important commanding officer, Major Strasser, arrived at Casablanca International Airfield and was welcomed by the British captain, Louis Renault.

He asks about the messengers, and Louis says that the killer, like everyone else, will be with Rick that night. Rick, the proprietor of the hotel and asks if he has some of them ready for him. While Rick sees that the killed Germans were carried by messengers in transit, he takes the mail and conceals it in the pianof his domestic artist Sam.

Mr Ferrari, who owns the competing Blue Parrot bars, is offering to buy Rick's, but Rick says his bars are not for sal. Yvonne, Rick's unattended mistress, tries to make an appointment for the night, but Rick rejects her attempt to nail him and shouts a taxi to get her home.

Louie says Rick will bust him and warn Rick not to protect the courier murderer. "I' m not risking my head for anybody," Rick replies. Louise also refers to Victor Laszlo, a renowned Czech nationist who will arrive in Casablanca, and cautions Rick not to support Laszlo, whose policies pose a menace to Nazi Germany.

During the ensuing discussion we find out that Rick was engaged in anti-fascist battles in the 1930' s and supported the Republican people in the Civil War in Spain and the Ethiopians against Italy. In the presence of the Hitler officers, Louis decided that it was the right moment to detain the killer of the mules. Ugarte asks Rick for help, but Rick does nothing.

When things settle down, Laszlo and Ilsa enter the cafe. He is approaching Laszlo with animosity, and Louis kindly asks that Laszlo contact his offi ce the next time. Meanwhile Ilsa and Sam, who recognise each other, begin to speak. First Sam Ilsa rejects Ilsa's plea to perform "As Time Goes By", but finally he gives in.

Rick takes the score to the upright. "And I thought I said never to play...." He breaks off when he sees Ilsa. Lazslo and Louis join the group and Rick gets down for a cocktail and breaks his rules never to have drinks with people. Rick takes the cheque and breaks another one.

Rick is drinking alone later in the night when the café shuts. As Time Goes By" again and Rick thinks of the past. We see in a retrospect a happy, less emaciated Rick in Paris with Ilsa at his side. Rick knows he has to go when they find out that the Germans are coming to Paris.

Ilsa, who does her best to conceal her torments, is suggested by Rick and says that she does not intend to do so far in advance. 3. But Rick isn't concerned. The next morning they will be leaving for Marseilles together. The next morning at the railway terminal Rick is waiting in the heavy rains, but Ilsa is nowhere to be found.

and he shows Rick a message. It'?s from Ilsa and says she can never see him again. This is where the flash back ends and the sequence moves back to Casablanca. Ilsa' s entering the cafe. She' s trying to tell us what went down in Paris, but Rick' got pissed and he' s upset. And Ilsa' s leaving.

On the next morning Ilsa and Laszlo go to Louis' offices, where Strasser Laszlo says that he will never get away from Casablanca living. They then go to the Blue Parrot to see Signor Ferrari and just arrived as Rick was departing. When Laszlo speaks to Ferrari, Ilsa Rick says that Laszlo is her man and has been for years, even when she and Rick were together in Paris.

errari says he can get a permit for Ilsa, but not for laszlo. It is Ferrari's suggestion that they talk to Rick, who he believes has Ugarte's robbed cover shipments. At Rick's that night, a young Bulgaress, Mrs Brandel, approached Rick and asked if Louis was "trustworthy". "Louis, as Rick knows, has a policy of providing women fugitives with entry permits for sexual exploitation.

He says Louis' words are good, but he doesn't want Mrs. Brandell's new wife to get hurt, he arranged for her man to gain big at the robot desk so they can buy a self-permit. Laszlo later asks to talk to Rick. He' offering to buy the permits, but Rick says he'll never let them go.

As Lazslo asks why, Rick answers: "Ask your woman. Lazslo invites the group to perform "La Marseillaise", the famous hymn of France, and guides the guests of the club in a rousing interpretation of the German-songwriting. He is angry and wants Louis Rick's to close.

Under the pretence of playing there, Louis concludes Rick's even though he agrees to his evening's pay. When Laszlo Ilsa returns to her lodgings, she asks if she wants to tell him something about Paris, and she answers "No".

When Victor sets off for an encounter of subterranean opposition, Ilsa also goes and surprised Rick by showing up at his flat. It asks him for the passports and urges him to put aside his own emotions for something more important. While Rick still won't go, she draws a weapon on him.

Now Rick has the nerve to kill her, but Ilsa doesn't. Instead, she bursts into tears claiming she still adores Rick. Later on Ilsa tells us what was happening in Paris. When Laszlo was remarried, he had to go back to Prague, where he was imprisoned and taken to a consolidation camps. A few month later, she found out he was murdered trying to flee.

Soon after, she saw Rick. Ilse learnt that Lazlo was still living when she and Rick wanted to go out of Paris together. Lazslo needed her, and she chose to remain with him. Because she knew he wouldn't go out of Paris if he found out, and then the Gestapo would bust him.

Ilsa says she can never get out of Rick again, but she asks him to get out of Laszlo. Whether she goes with Laszlo or stays with Rick, she says she no longer knows what is right and says to Rick: "You must think for both of us.

" Lazslo later that night claimed to know that Rick loved Ilsa and asked for the permits for her. That' s when the Germans broke into Rick' s and busted Laszlo. Next morning Rick Louis asks Louis to free Laszlo and says that Laszlo can be detained on a more serious charges of possessing the missing cover.

And Rick says Louis wants to use the mail to get away with Ilsa. Rick is selling his place to Ferrari this afternoons. On that night, back at Rick's as he delivers the deeds to Laszlo, Louis appears out of the shade to make the bust. Same sudden Rick draws a weapon and points it at Louis.

It orders Louis to call the airfield to make sure the plane to Lisbon takes off as scheduled. He pretended to call the airfield, but he called Strasser. Rick Louis at the airfield has him fill out the waybills for Mr. and Mrs. Victor Laszlo. Ilse is against it, but Rick says he thought and determined that he needed Ilse at his side so that Laszlo could work.

Laszlo says that Ilsa came to see him last evening and acted as if she still loved him to get the deeds. Rick says he knew she was a liar, because it's long gone. While Rick speaks, Ilsa is sobbing in the back. He' calling the liaison office to stop the aircraft from taking off, but Rick kills him and the aircraft goes.

Louis, who has seen everything, orders: "Arrest the normal people. When the bulls leave, Louis Rick congratulated the godfather and then became the godfather himself, symbolised by the ejection of a flask of Vichy-Wasser ( "water made in the vacant area of France, persecuting the Jews and trying to gain the favour of the Nazis").

Together, Rick and Louis are walking down the airstrip. He says he can set Rick up to flee to Brazzaville, another African continent in France, and then tells Rick that he will leave. This film ends with Rick saying the last line: "Louis, I think this is the beginning of a nice friend.

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