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CARITAS THAILAND (@caritasthailand) Caritas Thailand's latest tweets are preparing for the big Rohingya influx. Thailand - Caritas Earlier known as the Catholic Commission for Humane Evolution, Caritas Thailand was established in 1972 to conduct the Church's integral developmental work. The Caritas Thailand is in charge of the Thai Catholic Church's activities within the framework of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Thailand (CBCT). It is Caritas Thailand's mission to loving and serving the needy by fostering the worthiness of the individual, empowering the home school and the communities, recognizing and sustaining the shared calling to service to the mankind and lives according to global and multicultural principles that safeguard the lives of people and the world.

Caritas Thailand's secretariat in Bangkok acts as a platform for the 10 Caritas organizations distributed throughout the state. It has over 120 employees at local and regional levels (about 50 at local and 70 at diocese level) and some 500 people. Caritas Thailand often works together as a member of the Caritas Association and is supported by other Caritas-authorities.

It is a good thing that the tidal wave has led to the strengthening of our Caritas organizations and their relations with the Church. They were able to use this power as a gate to other integrated anthropogenic evolution. Read more..... Congregations in Sri Lanka affected by the tidal wave. From 3 to 5 December in Sri Lanka, Caritas organizations from India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand united with members of the Confederacy, the Church and other church leadership to commemorate the 2004 Asian devastation.

Read more..... COERR, the Catholic Emergency and Relief Agency, part of Caritas Thailand, is helping some 10,000 migrant workers in all 9 centres where it concentrates on orphans, abandoned or alone mothers, who live with family members or who are otherwise in a precarious situation. Read more..... COERR, the Catholic Office for Emergency Aid and Relief, works in shelters along the Thai-Myanmari border.

Read more..... Read more..... Read more..... Caritas has been assisting affected Thai flooded homes for the past few months. Bonnie Mendes, regional coordinator for Caritas Asia, is in Bangkok and is reporting on the current status. Read more..... While the battles on the Thai-Cambodian frontier are continuing, Caritas Cambodia, together with Caritas member Catholic Relief Services, is supporting tens of thousand fleeing homes.

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