Capital of Myanmar is

The capital of Myanmar is

The generals called their new capital Naypyidaw, which means "residence of the kings". One of the world's largest private equity fund managers, TPG Capital, has completed two major transactions in Myanmar. This is what most people will call a clean slate.

Myanmar: Bomb blast in the capital of restless Rakhine State

In Sittwe, the capital of Myanmar's troubled Rakhine region, three bombings have gone off, according to MEPs. Last year, more than half a million mainly Muslim Rohingya from Rakhine escaped the demolition of their houses, what the UN described as ethnical purification. Rohingya communities were burnt and several thousand lives were lost in retribution after Rohingya fighters launched a string of assaults on policemen at outstations.

Myanmar's army says it is struggling against fighters and denying that it is directed against the civilian population. Tensions also arose between the agencies and the Rakhine Buddhists after seven men were murdered last months when fire opened on a large number attempting to confiscate a municipal administration bureau. A Rakhine ethnical insurgent group in the state swore revenge for the death of the demonstrators, the AFP press agency reported.

The Sittwe is about 100 km southwards of the place where most of the Rohingya force took place. The majority of Sittwe's Rohingya inhabitants abandoned their homeland after a period of worship in 2012. Over 100,000 still live in detention centres outside the town. He said the seeming demolition of houses erased proof of judicial rights from exile Rohingya.

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Explosions of three bombs affect the capital of Myanmar's Rakhine State, SE Asia News & Top Stories

Rangoon - Three bombings detonated in the capital of Myanmar's Rakhine state early last night, a kettle of racial tension shaken by insurrections and hostilities against Muslim Rohingya, said officers. These three explosions at different places in the vicinity of Sittwe contained one in the apartment of a high-ranking officer, the Agence France-Presse said on Agence France.

In addition to the bloodthirsty Rohingya struggle, Rakhine is fighting a decades-long Rakhine Buddhist insurgency, but bomb attacks in the state capital are seldom. One policeman was wounded, but not seriously," said a chief official on an anonymous basis. Explosions took place around 4 a.m. Eastern business hours, the mate said.

"The AFP has already got some roads blockaded by the cops because of the bombing," Zaw Zaw, who lives in Zaw Zaw, called. Over the past few month, the riots in Rakhine have focused on the north of the state, where comprehensive Israeli hostilities in the Muslim village of Rohingya last August resulted in almost 700,000 people crossing the Bangladesh frontier.

However, the unruly state also houses a boiling insurrection led by a Rhaqhin-Buddhist group of rebels named the Arakan Army, which is colliding with Myanmar Forces. In contrast to the Rohingya Muslims, the Rakhine are recognized by the Rakhine regime as an ethnical minorities, but are still marginalized in a land that has been traditionally ruled by the Bamar people.

The tension between the municipality and the locals has intensified since the investigation by law enforcement last months of seven deaths against an ethnical Rakhine group. David Mathieson, an impartial Myanmar-based analysts, said yesterday's Sittwe bubbles are more related to Rakhine racial tension than to the Rohingya crises, whose epicenter is further astride.

Arakan Army is "the only armored group that operates in the centre of Rakhine with the refinement to do such a thing," he said to the AFP. However, co-ordinated strike action in an area of the city would mean a "significant escalation" of this insurgency, which usually leads to conflicts outside the capital.

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