Capital of Myanmar in Hindi

Myanmar's capital in Hindi

FLAZH: Three bombs hit the capital of Myanmar's state of Rakhine, reports the AFP, citing the police. Click on the button in the middle ? (virama) to delete the associated vowel (a). Answer to the question: What does Myanmar mean in the Hindi dictionary? Burma ka matalab hindi me kya hai (Burma ?

? ????? ??? ????). Myanmar's capital was Yangon for many years.

Myanmar's capital Naypyidaw a haunted city

However, when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's Cavalry raced through the streets of Myanmar's capital Naypyidaw to the President's residence on Monday, few people complained. There is no maniacal Monday, no chaos, no chance of street madness; the roads of Naypyidaw are always incredibly empty.

The generals did not drive the swarming capital's populace into the house. There is no such thing as a general public. Surprisingly, both the Burmese community and the rest of the globe were surprised in 2005 when the reigning Yangon government abruptly moved the capital of the nation of Yangon to the clandestine capital Naypyidaw (meaning the capital of Burma), more than 300 km further astray.

Nowhere has the cause for the decline in more than $5 billion to plant a wasteful and expansionary fund in the center of nowhere has never been officially declared. However, it could be a mix of astrology and anxiety about a strange Yangon incursion that the regime has always harbored.

Myanmar's new capital, which is designed with military accuracy, covers an area of 7,000 square kilometers and is to be ten time larger than Singapore. It is subdivided into different areas devoted to the hotel, restaurant, market and bureau. There is also the huge parliamentary compound, which is proud that Myanmar still has a "controlled democracy".

In spite of all the plans and installations that the capital promises (including 24x7 electricity), not many were enthusiastic about it. Indeed, officials were incited to relocate under threats of jail. It is only these officials and soldiers seven years after the shifts that make up the Naypyidaw people.

Even the tropical penguin sanctuary on the edge of the capital with its AC-pens is not. It seems that for some considerable amount of while the generals and officials of the governments will have the broad roads to themselves.

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