Capital of Myanmar Burma

The capital of Myanmar Burma

Only one thing distinguishes this capital from all other capitals: Nobody seems to live in it. Image of the flag of Yangon also known as Rangoon is a former capital of Myanmar (Burma) and the capital of the Yangon region. There are two destinations in Myanmar for people who like to travel, which you should only visit for one day. andalay is the economic center of Upper Burma and is considered the center of Burmese culture. Replies to the question about the crossword puzzle of the capital of Myanmar (formerly Burma).

the strangest and strangest capitol in the whole wide globe.

Naypyidaw, the Burmese capitol, should be a town suitable for a flourishing people who like to walk through their extravagant streets. Rather - as The Daily Telegraph experienced on a seldom authorized tour this weekend - it is an empty town, with hardly a single vehicle on the street and not a mass of people to see.

Naypyidaw, the home of monarchs, has indeed come from primeval forest to aspire to be the strangest fortress in the whole wide globe in just a few years. When large edifices were erected and officials were resettled to support the city's sparse populace, Naypyidaw became a symbolic sign of the aging autocrat's readiness to waste Burma's riches to glamorize his regimes.

Naypyidaw's paths finally take you to Burma's most mighty residence, but there is only devastation along the way. Only the only sign of vitality along one kilometre after the other are the thatched road-sweeper. After the 77-year-old general went into retirement in March, his followers in Naypyidaw have already given up the obsession that has marked the town.

The first inhabitant of the President's House is a former politician and the House is prepared for an inflow of dissent. In the past year, 435 members of Burma's first parliamentary assembly in 25 years were re-elected after a failed one. By opening itself up to diplomatic contacts, Parliament's members have agreed to study from abroad.

Naypyidaw - Naypyitaw, Myanmar (Burma) road

Only a few visitors to Myanmar's new capitol, Naypyidaw, although the administration claims it has a million population. If these roads contain a 20-lane motorway leading to the parliament building, one might wonder why such a gigantic street or the town itself was necessary. A number of accounts suggest that the anxious head of state who oversaw the building of this new capitol - the whole thing was custom-made over an unprecedented number of years in the previously deserted jungles - was insisting on the huge avenue so that in the event of unrest he could serve as an airplane landing strip.

It is also not clear why the Rangoon capitol (the former capital) has been moved to a previously unpopulated jungles 200 leagues due to the fact that it is located 200 leagues away. It is six of the size of New York City. Not many capitals of the whole wide globe with 20 lane motorways and even less where you can lay in the midst of the street and take pictures.

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