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Aka Burma and the old capital Rangoon, called Yangon. This article looks at other former Burmese capitals: Sagaing, Ava and Amarapura. Myanmar and surroundings on A visit to the bizarre new capital Naypyidaw: a city with extensive zones and long walks in Myanmar.

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Myanmar or Burma has revealed its new capitol to the outside community. Naypyidaw is being constructed about 460 km northern of the old capitol Rangoon. The fragile and withdrawn army commander Than Shwe now resides there. Than Shwe, the country's secluded army commander, invited international reporters to observe him discussing a thousand forces on Burmese Armed Forces' day.

It' Senior General Than Shwe's yearly trip, but it could be his last. Approximately 15,000 soldiers marched along the specially constructed sidewalk - in the country's new capitol. Seven hours from Rangoon - Nay Pyi Taw - is a new creations of Than Shwe's fantasy.....

The news programmes observed the headway in the building of the new administration city. There are those who say that the General ordered it to be based on the counsel of astronomers, while others say that the army has become somewhat pervasive, that the United States could start an incursion. They say they are moving towards a democratic approach, through a seven-stage roadmap, with blueprints for a new constitutional and election.

They have urged the UN to accelerate progression, free Zimbabwean detainees and stop attacking minority nationalities. Brigadier-General Kyaw Hsan, Burmese Information Minister, said: "It is clear that the West and its coalitions want to bring a Myanmar marionette regime to government, and their subordinates in the land want to take over through a shortcut."

Myanmar may be insulated, but it's not without its people. Aung San Suu Kyi stays under detention in the old Yangon city. He' s likely to use his free moment to ensure that the person who is replacing him keeps Burma as it is.

Re-visiting the old capital cities of Burma | InsideBurma Blog

Out of all the beautiful places in what is now Myanmar, it is perhaps Mandalay, whose name is best reminiscent of the Burma of romance. Burma's last imperial capitol and a former hub of the UK imperial rule, today Burma's second biggest town and the most important trading center of Upper Burma. One thing most are unaware of is that Mandalay is not the only former capitol in this small part of Burma - it is still the oldest, nor the longest-serving.

Drawn into the outskirts and on the outskirts of this famed town hang no less than three old king's seats: Ava, and Amarapura, who reigned Burma together for almost 500 years, until Mandalay's 26th birthday. Legaing, the oldest of the four antique provinces, was long before Burma - it served as the capitol of the Legaing Kingdom from 1315 to 1364.

In one of the many small and instable empires that arose after the pagan empire's pagan era, Tragedy was ruled by Shaan King and defended itself against attacks from other northern states. In 1364 the empire crumbled after the last plundering of Legaing, and the town passed the next three hundred years as a pure king lyceum, before once again acting as capitol, this year under the Konbaung dynasty.

Sagaings second ascent took only five years, from 1760 to 1765, before the capitol was relocated and the town fell into relatively darkness. Today about 70,000 persons live in the town of Sagaing - of which about 3,000 are nuns. It is the spiritual centre of Burma and is known for its wonderful scenery with over 600 white painted palagodas and cloisters.

It is recommended to take a walk along the trails and stairs to the top of Legaing Hill, from where you can enjoy the view of the temple, the Irrawaddy River and the Old Ava Bridge constructed by the British in 1934. Although the entire pagoda of sagaing is more spectacular than individual, we suggest that you take your own free moment to explore some of the more interesting monasteries in the area.

Also called Inwa, she has been a very important figure in Burma as she has been serving as Burma's King of the Year five times - nearly 360 years in all. It was the initial serving town of the kingdom of Av ah from 1365 to 1555 during the Av kingdom and became capitol in various other places during the Toungoo and Konbaung period (from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries).

In 1839, the town of Ava was eventually wiped out by a succession of devastating quakes, and the Emperor decided to restart Amarapura. Only a few remains of Eve's Gold Era remain, and of the small towns and countryside it is difficult to believe that this was once a kingdominion.

Eva's royal palace was mainly damaged by the earthquake that devastated the town, and only a 27 metre high watch tower has survived. Twice in its long tradition, Amarapura became the capitol of Burma - both during the Konbaung period, and both time before the neighboring Ava as the capitol. Established in 1783 by King Bodawpaya, the town was the capitol for 38 years, relinquishing its titles to Ava for 20 years and then becoming capitol again in 1842.

This was the case until King Mindon in 1859 resolved to build a new capitol in Mandalay. Today Amarapura is known for its unsurpassed quality of silks, so we suggest that you take the opportunity to go to a nearby winery to see the artisans at work. One of Burma's biggest educational cloisters, the Mahagandayon Monastery, is one of the most beautiful attractions of Amarapura:

Organizing a tour that includes all three of these old capital cities in one go, and several of our prefabricated Burma trips offer this as an adventure.

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