Capital ng Myanmar

City of Myanmar

This ship is heading for Sagaing, one of Myanmar's ancient capitals. Yangon, the capital, would fall in May and return Burma to British hands. Celebrate the sunset at Shwedagon Pagoda, the "heart" of Buddhist Myanmar. This experiment was conducted in Yangon, Myanmar. During a long stay in Burma I had plenty of opportunities to take pictures.

Discover 3 ancient capitals of Myanmar

Mandalay, an old capital of Myanmar, provides an inside look at the country's vast past. There are three other antique capital cities nearby and a whole range of attractions in between. It is an action-packed days that takes you back into the story of the old Myanmar Magi and the seats they sat on.

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South Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

parallel and meridian co-ordinates are: 16.871311, 96.199379. It is a town of 5 million people and a former capital of Myanmar (Burma). This is an important historical and culturally important centre of the land, which at the same times has a rather basic and ancient population. Yangon's degree of latitude, Myanmar (Burma) is 16.871311, and the degree of longitude is 96.199379.

Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) is in Myanmar (Burma) in the cities class with 16° 52' 16.7196'''' North and 96° 11' 57.7644'' E. Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) is 40 metres high, which corresponds to 131ft.

Quadruple old capitals in Mandalay, Myanmar for the price of one

After a motorbike cab rider said something about 4 old capital towns, I had no clue what to see in Mandalay, and that he would take me to them for $12, not too hard for a back packer money! Early in the mornings I was collected to creep through Mandalay's transport and finally into some of Myanmar's old capital city.

When I crossed the viaduct to Sagaing, the first thing that struck me were all the golden dots. There was an interesting ride through the city to the bottom of Legaing Mountain. There are many couples dotting the mound and there are also many places to relax and see the monks/pilgrims at work.

We have some great vistas of Sagaing Hill with a view of the city and the city that was the capital of royalty for only 3 years in the eighteenth century. One of Mandalay's old capital cities is the only one you want to see.

For about 400 years Innwa was the capital and some really beautiful churches and convents were bequeathed. It is also a very quiet, rustic place and taxiing through the landscape in a wagon and steed is a great way to stay one or two hours. The Yu Bein's is the longest trek deck in the whole country and in my view one of the best places of interest in Myanmar.

At the other end there is not much, just a few inconspicuous places, but the viaduct is a place where I could (and did) just look at the view for long periods of my life, talk to the natives and take many snaps. Myanmar's best hour to see the beautiful sunsets is the sundown.

Mandalay itself is the most renowned of the four old capital cities in Mandalay. It' simple to find your way around and there are many places of interest in the immediate vicinity. There' s a beautiful tea kloster and a gigantic plant with over 700 pieces of temples in pure whiteness, which contains a holy Buddhist text. The Mandalay Hill is also a must, although it was so blurry that the sun set a little there.

The Mandalay itself is a rather frantic, bustling place, but there are so many things to see that it will be one of the most beautiful cities in Myanmar. When you travel in Myanmar, you will probably end up in Mandalay. For $12 (it could be more now, but bargains!!), a motorcycle ride is the best way to do it.

You' ll also need to buy a $10 pass to see some of the attractions, but it's a small one! Were you in the old capital of Mandalay?

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