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Wednesday, 2 November 2016 18:00 - 5. There are plans for a train connection to Beijing in 2016. Replied May 28, 2016 - Author has 107 replies and 202. Author's photo, 2016. An seamstress is sewing a garment in Naypyidaw Myanmar on Wednesday, February 3, 2016.

Preservation of public space in the former capital of Myanmar

The Khin Khin Htay is living with her wife and daughter in Yangon's vast north suburbs. Recently she travelled with her two young girls by coach to a garden in the centre of the city. It took at least an hour and a half each way, but Khin Khin Htay said it was rewarding. There is no such thing as open spaces where we are living, so we are travelling all the way," she said to VOA when her girls were playing on the swing behind her.

In Myanmar's former capital, it is a rare place to find open spaces, and people fear that the small amount of available floor spaces will slowly vanish as more business initiatives go up. -Yangon has one of the lower per capita rates for a large metropolis. One 2014 survey conducted by the Yangon Technology University said Yangon has 0. 37 sq. m. of parking room for each capita of the populace.

Jakarta has 6 km2, Bangkok 8. and Paris 30 sqkm. Yangon Heritage Trust manager Moe Moe Lwin said that Yangon has more than 607 ha of park land, but many of the farms are "off-limits to the public". "The improvement of accessibility to areas or the creation of sufficient community areas for exercise, recreation or culture has various societal, economical and sanitary advantages for Yangon and its inhabitants," she said VOA, and added that the Yangon community has been shrinking in recent years, mainly due to poor management, business growth and missing regulatory safeguards.

It was not possible to reach a member of the Yangon City Development Committee, the city's urban organ, for an opinion. A number of civil society organisations are working with a number of municipalities to open up more urban area. Foundress Emilie Röell said she founded the organisation after realising that many of Yangon's singular monuments and common areas quickly had to make room for new building developments.

Mr Röell said the organisation hopes to create more and better landscaped urban areas in Yangon, which will include gardens, walkways and play areas. An important part of Doh Eain's work is working in close cooperation with neighbors to make sure they have a say in the city' s serenity. The inhabitants use many alleys, especially in the densely populated city centre, for waste disposal, which often leads to enormous heaps of rubbish that render the rooms inoperable.

In close cooperation with the inhabitants, the roads are cleaned, the partitions painted in brilliant colours and furnishings such as rubbish containers, swing trucks and banks are provided. "We' ve also noted that there are many unused and filthy backyards everywhere that have turned into common and open space in various other towns around the globe.

" One of the most important building in the land is opening little by little after years of partition. Myanmar's secretariat, an extensive fabric of reddish bricks in the city' s centre, is important to the Myanmar community, where Aung San, the freedom fighter and founder of Aung San Suu Kyi, was murdered together with members of his cabinet in 1947, just before Burma achieved British sovereignty.

The year 2014, the year of the murders, which were celebrated every year on July 19 as Martyrs' Day, was the year in which the general population was permitted to visit the site for the first trespass. Anawmar Group, the firm that renovated the venue, has now opened an arts room named Pyinsa Rasa in one of the wings of the school.

It is planned that the showroom will remain there until July. Pyinsa Rasa co-founder Nathalie Johnston said the underlying concept behind the scheme was to show how it can be used as a place for the general population, but also to help empower communities to realise that it must also be commercial as well. "This is an important place, and the Yangon community believes they should own this building," Johnston said to VOA.

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