Capital City of Myanmar 2013

Myanmar, capital 2013

Note: Since 1989, Burma's military authorities have promoted Myanmar as a conventional name for their state. It was built in 4 years near Pyinmana. Wunna Theikdi Stadium with 30,000 seats was the venue of the SE Asia Games 2013. or Brasilia and is expected to host the Southeast Asia Games in 2013. In the last two years, the number of international arrivals has more than doubled.

Myanmar's capital less city of ghosts

NayPYITAV - Observed around the clock, spoiled and bathing twice a daily, five large elephant eaters in Myanmar's huge, secluded and faraway capital on exquisite green. Since antiquity, Myanmar's monarchs have considered these scarce albinos as holy accessoires to royal capital cities, icons of might and prestigious. Dozens of stunning stadia, assembly rooms and hundred of VIP villa buildings were constructed for the Southeast Asian Games, an 11-nation convention that took place in late November.

Myanmar will be back in the limelight next year as it takes over the chairmanship of the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations. However, the capital is far from fulfilling the high hopes placed in it. Burma has a wealthy past of mobile capital cities - more than 30 layers since the 9th. The briefest lasts a year.

A number of inhabitants say that the breezy capital is better than Yangon, a city with boiling apartment buildings, congested streets and about 5 million population. "It' a large, verdant city, so it's a heener city. It suffocates me to go home," says Ko Pyone, a local from Yangon who runs a Cherry Oo bracelet.

Foreigncodes are detained in Yangon, 300 km southwards of Naypyitaw and five hours by car. "I' m firmly convinced that one of these days the capital will return to Yangon," said Nyan Win, spokesperson for Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy. Even though no open survey was conducted, a rumor in circulation says that any politicians who promise to re-establish Yangon as the capital are sure to be elected.

There are several facilities in Naypyitaw, such as a state-of-the-art cinema, a liveaboard and a shopping centre. There is a lack of transportation in the vast city, making the population dependent on costly cabs, automobiles and motorbikes. You' re staying at home and watching TV," says Zeyar Oo, who owns a Mini Mart necklace. A number of officers said that relocating the capital back to Yangon is not an optional measure.

It has never been clearly explained why the capital has been moved at all. In order to put on - some say violence - the goverment has moved everything from the Academy Awards Myanmar equivalents to most Yangon Zoo wildlife and the yearly jewelry store. Thant Myint-U, a well-known researcher and advisor to the Yangon administration, says the return of the capital to Yangon will be very costly, and the administration will have other priority.

Naypyitaw is "lonely, boring" for the forest vet Tin Ko Lat, whose family and two kids are living far away from him.

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