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Yangon Myanmar Burma Showroom

Address, phone number, email, reviews and photos. Mingalar Taungnyunt, Yangon. Sonic - Acer - Epson - Canon - Motorized - Wall Mount - Tripod - Dual Projector - Monitor - Viewsonic - Acer - Dell - AOC - Hikvision - Samsung - Scanner.

The Canon Printer Services Center (Myanmar)

Can I buy the 740 and 741 ink cartridges in my store? Printersettings in Microsoft World do not work and I think there is a issue when setting up preferences. I' d like to know A3 scanner pricing & everything in one photocopier pricing with A3. There is Canon Printing Services Center at Unit 7-8, Aung San Stadium (South Wing) (opposite Railway Station & Yoma Bank), Mingalar Taungnyunt, Myanmar.

It is active in the field of electronic devices and computer. This your deal? Refresh your store data by including telephone, website, descriptions, working times, locations on the card, classes and pictures.

Camera Shutter & Camera Repair Shop Yangon Manual

Although the city centre is subdivided into roads devoted to different sectors, it can be very, very hard to find a specialized Yangon city. If at all, it is even more hard to find the right cameras and repair. It seems to be the first guideline for the Yangon cameras' stores and workshops. It is the best known and most well stocked camcorder in Yangon, although it is very small and hard to find.

You have a very good selection of mainly Nikon and Canon housings and objectives with Sigma, Tamron and Tokina objectives, as well as peripherical Produktlinien like Go Pro's and some specialized professionally videocameras. You also have an excellent line of stands, pockets, gimbal rings and other specialties like flash lamps, neutral density filter and mikes.

Pricing is in Kyat and major acquisitions come with a one or two year Royal Digital guarantee. Employees also talk some English, which is useful for those who do not know Burma's cameraterminology. It should be your first point of contact when buying your cameras; the rates here are a good yardstick compared to the other stores.

Hidden in the hallway between Dagon Centres 1 & 2, this small Canon showroom looks a little out of place; it is illuminated, flawlessly clear and very clearly marked. Only new Canon equipment, as expected, and employees are fairly well informed about the product they are selling.

A number of different sets of cameras with lens on the screen are available, and some of them are sold as separate units. You will also find a small range of Canon cases, stands and accessories in them. Since these are new, brand-name Canon devices, you are expecting a guarantee either directly from Canon itself or at least from the dealer.

However, the price may be slightly higher than in a non-brand business. Sony's unbelievably contemporary franchise outlet recently opened in Myanmar Plaza, and that shows. There is a wide variety of Sony TVs, soundsystems, games and other Sony accessories in the commercial area.

You carry just about every Sony currently offers: from the simple point-and-shoot Cybershot series, to exchangeable lenses, to Sony's exceptional, mirror-less series Alpha (the highest physical cost is a hefty 4,190,000 Kyat!). Like always with brand manufacturers, the cost may be a little high - but this may be the only place to buy it at Sony in Myanmar.

The purchase of an Alpha here also warrants a 1-year domestic guarantee supported by TMW Enterprises Ltd. which operates the business. Zeya Thiri Kyaung Lane, Yeiktha St, Waizayayanta Gehäuse, Thangangyun Tsp. A shop and showroom that mainly uses Facebook for promotion, communications and selling on line, Yangon's Corporate Photo & Accessories Shop has some of the best value-added photo and video gear on the market.

In addition to our range of products, you will also find drying speakers, flash heads, tripods, backpacks and even deejay drone models at affordable rates. Zinmaunglin was the proprietor of the busy cameraladens The Eye, a small boutique in the city centre that was selling a number of old photo-curiosa. While he looks after all of our DSLRs, he specializes in Canon and Nikon.

The Royal Digital Cameras recommend Han Win Tin for lens cleanup, and if you thought Royal Digital was difficult to find, this place will be a star. At first sight, Han Win Tin works under an umbrella in an alley on 33nd St. and does not look like a photographic workshop at all.

Where' s the perfect outfit? A-hala Myanma is a pretty big cam, videocamera and a telephone shop, which differ from the area around 33. They sell an outstanding selection of cameras - perhaps even more than Royal Digitale - with Fujifilm, Nikon, Canon, Panasonic and more.

Unusual for a Myanma store, Myanma A-hala even has a small number of used equipment for purchase, which includes some analogs. You also have a good choice of equipment, from Yongnuo flashes to straw kit and a large choice of supports. This is one of several small camerashops in the traffic circle of the Sule Pagode, which is characterised by its "camera museum", which houses an immense diversity of analog cams and special photography (many of which are not for sale).

but we can't give a warranty because we never used it. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to check out the Kameramuseum, if not nothing else. Maybe not the most apparent option for cameraequipment, but mm offers a respectable range of mainly Sony and Panasonic portable chambers, DSLR and a few non-glare chambers.

It is a great resource for used devices. Buying second-hand is a major part of e-commerce in Myanmar (remember how many second-hand telephone stores there are), and the photographic gear is no different.

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