Candacraig House

Mansion Candacraig

A breathtaking, exclusively used, luxurious highland property where exceptional hospitality is complemented by an exceptional setting. Inspiring retreat in the Scottish Highlands. Located in the heart of the highlands, Candacraig House is an inspiring, exclusive retreat. After purchasing this stunning property from Billy Connolly, the new owners contacted us to help redesign and renovate the areas of the house.

Mansion Candacraig

Inspirational hideaway in the Scottish Highlands. Former proprietors of the building were Anita and Gordon Roddick, founder of the Body Shop, who carried out extensive renovation work before the sale to Billy Connolly and Pamela Stephenson. There are many famous people who have come to visit Candacraig. New and present owner purchased the building in 2014 and extended the range for our clients with an unique look.

Exclusively available to our guest, the estate includes an imposing reception room, lounge, playroom, whiskey collection and 12 custom designed rooms, mostly with private bathrooms, all with telephone, Egypt linen and L'Occitane toilet articles.

Up to 26 people can stay in the house. On the premises of this magnificent estate, visitors have full entrance to 18 hectares of privately owned forest and cultivated grass, with a large courtyard surrounded by Victory Walls, a privately owned holean nourished by the Don River, ideal for supper.

Mansion Candacraig

It is less than an hour's car ride from Aberdeen International and a little further from the city's train stations, with regular connections to and from other large British citys. Coming from the aerodrome take the A96 towards Inverness, turn to your lefthand side onto the federal highway A979 towards Kirkton of Skene. Take a right onto the motorway 944 and continue on this street through the village of Alford until the turnoff to the lefthand A97 towards Strathdon.

Keep going ahead on the highway to Corgarff and Tomintoul. Gateways to Candacraig are on the leftside, two leagues behind the hamlet of Bellabeg. Inverness Airport can be reached in less than an hours on the A9 southbound. Turn LH onto the A 938 towards Carrbridge, turn LH onto the A 95 again, turn RH onto the A 939 and then onto the A 944 towards Strathdon.

Candacraig' doors are about four leagues on the right. From Edinburgh Airport, take the M90 towards Perth, drive north on the A93 and follow the Old Military Road through the scenic streets of Glenshee and Braemar. After Balmoral Castle turn lefthand onto the B976, turn lefthand onto the A939, then right onto the Strathdon-S944.

Candacraig' doors are about four leagues on the right. It is the ideal starting point for exploring the area and is only an hour's car ride from Aberdeen International and Inverness airports. Strathdon - home of the Lonach gatherings, the oldest Highland Games in Scotland - is right on our door.

First the Lonach Highlanders walk as the whistle chapel guides nearly two hundred men, with Lochaber hatchets, on a walk to each of the remarkable homes of Strathdon, as well as Candacraig himself. From some of the best fish and rainbow fish in the whole wide range of Candacraig, to over 50 golfs, from breathtaking scenic parks, water sports, horseback rides, mountaineering and trekking, not to forget Scotland's only Castle Trail.

Explore 17 of Aberdeenshire's most prestigious palaces - from the fairy-tale Crathes to the queen of Scotland house, Balmoral Castle, in neighbouring Royal Deeside. The Scotland Whisky Trail with its infinite variety of distillers is easily accessible from Candacraig. Butdeenshire is renowned for its sports activities and Candacraig is no different. Study enthralling angling in Candacraig's own holean or, for the experienced fisherman, there is the exciting view of throwing your line in a privately owned and remote fisher on the Don River, with angling gear available for hire from a reputed spot tedder.

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