Candacraig Hotel Maymyo

Hotel Candacraig Maymyo

This is Pyin Oo Lwin (Maymyo) Tourism: Book Candacraig Hotel Maymyo for the best price. Are you looking for a hotel near Candacraig Hotel, Pyin Oo Lwin? You will spend some time discovering the Chan Tak and the Candacraig Hotel.

Candacraig Hotel; a romantic picture

It was my second time in Burma in 1995 and the only time I ever went to see Maymyo. Today the land is often called Myanmar and Maymyo, Pyin Oo Lwin, but I can't believe that it' s the case that it''s a land where too much care is taken to make changes elsewhere - I can be mistaken.

Would I could tell that I spent the night in the hotel, enjoying the old times and having come across a strange spirit from an earlier age. Really, I was staying somewhere else, which was less expensive and less unpleasant, and my hotel stay, accompanied by two other guests, was over in about an hours notice.

Maymyo was charming, much chillier than Mandalay I came from, and it had a rose-colored intimacy that reminded me of the "old land". This means that the main and side roads, the market and the stands were without a doubt Burma...., the old Burmese community, but still Burma.

It is included in Paul Theroux's beautiful work The Great Railway Bazaar, and its introducing and characterizing of the myth, Mr. Bernard, is accordingly romantically. Since my last trip, I have been wondering whether this information was helpful or prevented me from enjoying Maymyo - did that sound the right way for my stay: Was it expecting me too much?

Instead of the picture of Theroux, alone in the hotel, it might be more appropriate to think what it would be like if it were full of fearful, unsafe young men - the staff of the Bombay Burma Trading Company, for whom it was constructed, than an exodus from the limits of their far-flung "hardship" missions.

Anyway, I have my memories and photographs of Maymyo - and are those valuable or romantical memories?

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