Crimson-winged Candacraig

A breathtaking, exclusively used, luxurious highland property where exceptional hospitality is complemented by an exceptional setting. Inspiring retreat in the Scottish Highlands. Located in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, Candacraig is an inspiring, exclusive retreat. Candacraig' latest tweets (@candacraig).

Mansion Candacraig

Inspirational hideaway in the Scottish Highlands. Former proprietors of the building were Anita and Gordon Roddick, founder of the Body Shop, who carried out extensive renovation work before the sale to Billy Connolly and Pamela Stephenson. There are many famous people who have come to visit Candacraig. New and present owner purchased the building in 2014 and extended the range for our clients with an unique look.

Exclusively available to our guest, the estate includes an imposing reception room, lounge, playroom, whiskey collection and 12 custom designed rooms, mostly with private bathrooms, all with telephone, Egypt linen and L'Occitane toilet articles.

Up to 26 people can stay in the hotel. On the premises of this magnificent estate, visitors have full entrance to 18 hectares of privately owned forest and cultivated grass, with a large courtyard surrounded by Victory Walls, a privately owned holean nourished by the Don River, ideal for supper.

Mansion Candacraig

Candacraig, initially constructed in the seventeenth centuary, was expanded in 1836 by Aberdeen Baronialist Tudor Johnny Smith with his black-peppered towers and crow's dormers. The building, which was expanded at the turn of the last millennium, was partly rebuilt in 1955 by the regional author Alexander McKenzie while maintaining his original Scotish architectural styles.

Candacraig' s rule was formally transferred to the Andersonis in 1620, and the property stayed with the Andersonis for 10 generations until it was bought by Sir Charles Forbes in 1866. It was bought in 1900 by Andrew Wallace, whose descendants held Candacraig until 1980. Recently, the Gordon company was recently acquired by Anita Roddick, the founder of the Bodyshop Group.

It aroused great interest in the press as Hollywood VIPs became frequent visitors. Connolly bought the brick-covered summer houses and courtyards that restore Candacraig's private sphere - part of its unparalleled attraction.

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