the Cancun Islands

Eight corpses found in Cancun, Mexico, triggering a trip caution. A previous release mistakenly identifies the area of Mexico where the travelogue was published. On Wednesday, the State Department released a trip consultation that warned Americans were going to Mexico to use precaution in some states. Consultation comes in the same weeks that eight corpses were found in Cancun, a tourism center, but the trip alert does not apply to the Quintana Roo/Cancun area.

Mexico attorneys say they found a combined eight casualties on Cancun, with two corpses unloaded in two places and four more killed each one. "Crimes of violence such as murder, abduction, car theft and holdup are widespread," says the trip guide, which refers to activities in the states of Colima, Guerreo, Michoacán, Sinaloa and Tamaulipas and warns Americans to keep away.

Travellers were also told to use tolls, not to drive at nights, to be careful when taking cash from a bank or ATM and to be vigilant in nearby pubs, clubs and cash registers. US administration has finite capacity to respond to emergencies faced by Mexican residents, and officials cannot visit certain areas, the State Department said.

This limitation does not apply to the State of Quintana Roo, where Cancun, Cozumel and Playa del Carmen are situated. "Mexico's Ministry of Foreign Affairs' tourism consulting does not involve tourists or beaches and affirms that all important Mexico tourism resorts are safe," said a Quintana Roo Tourism Board spokesman in a declaration.

An earlier foreign ministry alarm of 2 March 2017 for Playa del Carmen was cancelled about two weeks later. Foreign Ministry's warnings reinforce recent alerts about trips to Mexico. March 9: Should I call off the journey to Playa del Carmen after a US warns? Whilst the State Department, members of Congress democratically and republicans, foreign ministry sites and government agencies swear that they will make changes and do everything they can to guarantee the traveler's security, their sluggish administrative effort has not yet prevented the damage, the journal Sentinel found.

Tuesday, the corpses of a man and women were found in the boot of a cab at the beginning of Tuesday in the Paseos del Mar district of Cancun, the Riviera Maya News said. We haven't ID'd the corpses yet. February 21: "There is more to this deep, sinister history than we know" The officials found two men's fragmented body in several pieces of paper bag in another place later that night.

Some other man was found, tied up and killed.

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