Canadian Embassy in Yangon

Embassy of Canada in Yangon

Canadian Embassy in Myanmar Facebook. Embassy of Canada in Yangon, Myanmar. Embassy of Canada in Yangon, Myanmar. The Canadian Embassy in Yangon opens. The Canadian Embassy's new office in Yangon, Burma was opened by Foreign Minister John Baird.

Canadian and Burma

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Canadian Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar

Canadian in Myanmar: Canada's Embassy in Yangon is the only Canadian embassy in Myanmar. Burma in Canada: There are two agencies in Myanmar in Canada. The embassies comprise an embassy in Ottawa and a local embassy in Toronto. Canadian in Myanmar: Canada's Embassy in Yangon is the only Canadian embassy in Myanmar. Burma in Canada:

There are two agencies in Myanmar in Canada. The embassies comprise an embassy in Ottawa and a local embassy in Toronto. If you have any queries regarding visas and passports, please do not hesitate to ask the embassy in Yangon. Notice that the message may not be able to help. To check the embassy's adress and opening times, please do so.

The Canadian Embassy is coming to the city

Perhaps the new Canadian Embassy in Yangon does not have the stature of the large US embassy on University Avenue or the celebrity of Australian and British building on Strand Road, but civil servants are hoping that it will help to reinforce ties between the two states. On 8 August, Secretary of State John Baird formally opened the Centrepoint Towers off Sule Pagoda Road in Kyauktadaownship, saying Canada will promote local economies and employment growth and promote educational activities such as child healthcare in Myanmar.

Baird added that Canada is following the current reform process in Myanmar carefully and is seeking to assist it and foster further economy. Previously, Canada had upheld some of the harshest global penalties against Myanmar with its 2007 Burma rules. The majority of the penalties were lifted on 24 April 2012, which included restraints on investments and commerce following President U Thein Sein's government reform.

While Myanmar and Canada had little relationship during the sanction time, Mr Baird said that the opening of the embassy reflected Canada's intention to strengthen its commitment with Myanmar. "Today Canada opened its embassy in Yangon as part of our wish to take a more proactive part in the continuation of Burma's transformation," he said.

Mister Baird - who made his second visit to Myanmar as Myanmar's Secretary of State - said Canada has strong businesses in areas such as finances, power, mining as well as farming. While there have been relatively few Canadian investment projects in Myanmar in the past, they have sometimes proved to be contentious. The Canadian company Ivanhoe Mines was confronted with some resistance from abroad until it sold its stake in the venture to a trusts in 2007, which finally sold the venture to a China arms producer in 2011.

Previous Canadian activities in Myanmar include support in areas such as infrastructural works and community outreach. When asked about the general public perception of Canadian mines, Mr Baird said that Canadian mines are generally acting with responsibility. "I think the mine industry should remain accountable to the community, work with the community and comply with the environment on the whole - I think they have a fairly good record," he said.

Baird added that the Canadian mine has been a rich resource that promotes the economy and supports the provision of good health care and training. He said that Canadian mines generally employ community laborers instead of having their own coalmen with them, which adds to the benefits for them.

At the opening ceremonies, Mr. Baird and Canadian Embassador Mark McDowell led the reporter through the small but fine message, which takes up about a third of the CEP. Speaking on the road, Mr McDowell said that it is always hard to design a message, but that the dining room is a special hit as it offers a nice view of the Yangon and room for everyone to mingle.

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