Canadian Embassy in Malaysia

Embassy of Canada in Malaysia

You can book your consular and passport service appointment. Besides the high commission in Kuala Lumpur, Canada also has a consulate in Penang. Embassy of Canada in Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur. Canadian High Commission in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, address, telephone number and e-mail address. Newest tweets from Canada in Malaysia (@CanadaMalaysia).

Canadian Visa Information - Malaysia

Update: On Thursday, November 2, 2017, new additional costs will come into effect. We advise you to inform yourself about current information on this website before you submit your job applications. However, please be aware that as of November 19, 2016, VAC will no longer be able to approve the older versions of the 2010 or older applications form.

Any request made on or after November 19, 2016 must contain the new versions of the form, which you can access through our website depending on the purposes of your trip. Update: On Wednesday, November 2, 2016, new additional costs will come into effect. We advise you to inform yourself about current information on this website before you submit your job interview.

Decisions to grant or deny a permit are made exclusively by immigrant officials from Canada's International Office, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC). Requests are reviewed in accordance with Canadian entry regulations and policies. The CVAC has no part in or impact on the result of an interview and does not provide evaluation counselling.

Find the closest visa application centre.

Canadian Visa Information - Malaysia

At the IRCC website, check information on your visitors' visas, student permits, work permits or passport and upload appropriate applications and check lists that match the purposes of your visits. Please note: Starting September 4, 2013, you may be required to provide your biometric data (fingerprints and photo) when you apply for a visiting or student visas or work permits.

Stage 2: Complete the request sheet and other pertinent documentation online and have it printed out. Not submitting a filled-out and duly signature waiver may cause further delay or rejection of your request for a visas, permits or passport. Stage 3: IMPORTANT: If a filled out and duly stamped VFS Acceptance Agreement Sheet is not contained in the request, we CANNOT help you and your request will be sent back to you.

Stage 4: If necessary, you should proceed to paying your visas and biometrics according to the IRCC Tariff Schedule. IMPORTANT: If your request is WITHOUT the proper method of paying the visas, we CANNOT help you and your request will be sent back to you. Stage 5: Pace the necessary CVAC service charge and all charges for extra CVAC service according to the Service Charge Schedule provided on the CVAC website.

IMPORTANT: If your job applications have been submitted WITHOUT the proper VFS fee payments, we CANNOT help you and your job applications will be sent back to you. Please note: Please send the request back by messenger in a special claim form (DD). The VFS services fee and other services fee for text messages are to be payed as a money order to "VFS (MALAYSIA) SDN".

"3 "3dds in total, 1. for visa fees in CAD$, 2. for returning the messenger in MYR & 3. for VFS charges & other related sevices such as text messages in MYR) We suggest you to use our text message system as it will be simple for you to follow the status of your request.

Stage 6: Arranging your form and documentation according to the IRCC check list. Fill out and subscribe to the CVAC Mail-in Applications-Checkliste. Stage 8: Determine how your documentation is to be sent back to you. Procedures for the retrieval or service of your paperwork after your request has been processed by the Canadian Visa Office: If you have decided to collect your paperwork in your name or through an authorized agent, please be sure to present appropriate identity papers.

Once you have chosen to have your document returned by our messenger service, CVAC will deliver it to you upon receiving it from the Canadian visa office. Stage 9: Send your filled out and duly signature request and checklist sheets, the declaration of agreement together with your current pass, current photos and a design in a signed cover to:

Visa Applications Centre, Suite 19-03, Floor 19, Wisma MCA, 163 Jalan Ampang, 50450, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Stage 10: Stage 11: You will be notified by e-mail with your CVAC job applicant ID within 2 working day of receiving your job CV. The SMS services are offered:

If my job applications are not complete, what happens? A filled-in CVAC must be sent using the IRCC check list and other mail-in procedures. You will receive an e-mail from the CVAC if your CVAC is not complete, in which you will be informed of any deficiencies in your CV.

The CVAC must receive all necessary documentation within 5 working day after receiving the e-mail. Or you must give CVAC your prior approval in writing to file the deficiency request with the Canadian Visa Office. If I am not able to present the CVAC documentation, what happens to my CVAC job applications?

We will return your resume with the cost of the delivery services you pay. You can pick up your CVAC files in the CVAC in person or through an authorized agent. In such cases, please be aware that CVAC fees are non-refundable. If I have not followed the directions for paying the CVAC Visas or CVAC Services Fees, what will I do with my request?

CVAC cannot handle your request if the guidelines for paying the fees are not followed. CVAC will get in touch with you to notify you of the difference and put your request on ice until it receives verification that the above mentioned directions have been followed. In order to prevent delay, you must make sure that the guidelines for paying the CVAC Visas and CVAC Services fees are followed before submitting your application(s) to the CVAC.

If CVAC does not provide a messenger for my document returns, what can I do? Please check the CVAC website for availability of a delivery company. When CVAC does not provide such a services, you must enclose a stamped, self-addressed messenger cover with your application(s).

If you are submitting more than one application and a mailing cover, the CVAC can only submit the application processing document. They will be asked to provide an extra messenger cover to the messenger to be sent the documentation for all outstanding requests that are still in progress. You can also collect the document in the CVAC in person or through an authorized CVAC agent.

If I do not get my CVAC my CVAC e-mail ID or information about my job applications within 5 working day of my application(s) being received, what should I do? You will be contacted by CVAC within 2 working day after your e-mail. Please e-mail together with the following information:

What can I do to follow up my job offer? When the CVAC has received your request and confirmed that it is completed and approved for handling by the Canadian Visa Office, your request will be recorded in the CVAC system and an e-mail message with your unique tracking ID will be sent to you. If you choose to receive a text message, you can follow your applications using your unique tracking ID.

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