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Embassy of Canada Yangon

Locate hotels near Embassy of Canada, Myanmar online. Every Thursday and Sunday there are MAI flights from Guangzhou to Yangon. Profile page for Global Affairs Canada. The Canadian Embassy welcomes you to the Canadian Embassy. The DICA briefing with the Ministry of Finance, Yangon City Development Council, DICA.

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Honourable Chrystia Freeland, Foreign Minister, today made the following announcement on the verdict in the case of two Reuters reporters detained in Myanmar in December 2017:... "Canada is extremely worried about today's verdict to bring charges against Reuters reporters under the Official Secrets Act for the receipt of classified material after a six-month preliminary hearing period.

It is a shady choice for Myanmar's free media and people. The Canadian government has joined the multinational movement and continues to call for the immediate freeing of newsmen. "It is imperative to observe the principles of fundamental freedoms and democracy. The accusation against Reuters' reporters under these conditions seriously erodes the right to free speech.

It is imperative that media be able to provide the general population with facts without obstructing or threatening to violate or imprison them. Canadians will seize every chance to support and protect free speech worldwide.

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Canadian Embassy. The Canadian Embassy's information on the Canadian Embassy's Canadian Consulate in Myanmar. The Embassy's Embassy can be contacted for visas, passes, consular declarations, legalization of documentation and information on the opening times of the various Embassy of Canada in Yangon.

Tasks of the Embassy of Canada include handling tourist visas for travel to Canada, handling extension of passports and application forms, handling marriage documentation between foreign residents and Canadians, and documents for birth and death. Aid for TradeThe Embassy of Canada in Yangon can also help with Myanmar-Canada trading operations, policy issues, repatriation of national Canadians and much more.

Ambassadors and ConsulatesIn major foreign jurisdictions, there would be an embassy in the capitol or capitol of that jurisdiction and perhaps smaller consulates, known as consulates, located in other towns, staffed by an Honorary Counsel (a UK citizen) and reported to the Chief Counsel at the embassy.

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