Can you Visit Burma

Do you have access to Burma?

Burma will change the way you see the world. When you get to Myanmar, take as many boats as you can. So if we visit Myanmar, does that mean we don't care about genocide? Contribute to Myanmar's traditional arts and crafts by attending workshops and learning how to make things. Myanmar is special, but if tourism grows fast, that will change.

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Visas - Can you come to Myanmar twice a year? Can I get a 4 week double entry visas in the same year? Visas - Can you come to Myanmar twice a year?

It is possible to attend twice or three visits, it takes 3 month between visits. Visas - Can you come to Myanmar twice a year? Visas - Can you come to Myanmar twice a year? Visas - Can you come to Myanmar twice a year? I' ve been in Myanmar for many month - a long stay visas (cannot move out of the guest house because there is no visas for a new check-in) or flying with visas for a few of them.

That way everybody knows that he is in the town - longer than a touristy permit allowed! Visas - Can you come to Myanmar twice a year? I' m only reserving to come back to this beautiful land. Visas - Can you come to Myanmar twice a year?

This is what awaits you when you visit this astonishing land!

Myanmar, or Burma as it used to be called, must be one of the high points of our trips so far. Genuinely genuine civilization, inviting individuals, untouched tradition, secret story and astonishing scenery. However, the many times the people we encounter seem reluctant, but here is our tour guidebook to Myanmar and what awaits us in this beautiful country!

They are the kindest and most inviting person you have ever known! As we know, all over Asia peoples are kind, affectionate and inviting, but for many parts of the globe the same can be said that in general they are much friendlier than one first imagines. As an example, Albania is one of the kindest countries we have ever been to. It is so kind and curious and without any hidden agendas.

Everywhere in Asia the smile shines and you are greeted as a friendly person, but often you still sense the need to be careful because of the common deceptions that this friendly people use. This is what makes travelling in Myanmar so much more pleasant! However, in Myanmar, as in Albania, there is total sincerity and frankness for their kindness and accessibility.

There are still a true pleasure in their sight when they ask you your name or where you come from, with a genuine interest. With 56 nations on 5 different sides of the globe, I am so easily able to say that the Myanmar population is one of the most beautiful and beautiful in the whole wide globe!

They have a true sophistication and their use is based on the clear Hindu impact you are experiencing in Myanmar's unparalleled cultur. Her Myanmar trip would not be complete without trying it! One could think that on some road in Myanmar there has been an incident with the blood-red spatter that appears every few meters!

However, the liberation of your energies is supposed to be the equivalence of 7 cup of coffees, making it an everyday place on the Myanmar roads! One more Myanmar trip to try! For many years Myanmar has been banned from tourism and much less prosperous than its neighboring states.

When you think Thailand is overcrowded, Cambodia overflows and Vietnam is clouded, Myanmar is the place to really enjoy genuine Southeast Asia. Myanmar's culture makes the Myanmar trip so rich. Not only are the folks here after your cash and every little bit of road is no "handicraft market" with the same "handmade" shit you've seen in 5 states.

However, its stuffy streets and village of bamboos are genuine, untouched and provide an easily accessible glimpse into a truly Myanmar cultur. The visit of this land was one of the most beautiful experience of our times in Asia and above all because of the sincerity and authencity of the place! One could think that one has seen an abundance of churches in Southeast Asia, but nothing is comparable to those in Myanmar.

There is nowhere else in the worid that the pure size of old Bagan, the complexity of the singular designs of each blazing brick tower and the enigmatic ambience that this dust laden scenery creates! Burma provides a glimpse into another era, a land that has been so often forgotten in contemporary societies as it still is in this charming state.

Myanmar is about experiencing this story up-close! It is like a fata morgana of some kind of intellectual dimension that hangs there as humans cast themselves to the ground in front of it. Burma really offers the most intensive adventures. This is a kind of devotional intensities that is rare in this part of Asia, and friars.... everywhere!

In many cases, in the whole wide globe religions are only a symbolic cultural act, one is bound to the Catholic faith through the cultural and historical background, but one does not believe in one's hear. There may be plenty of sanctuaries in Asian citys, but they can be run over by local people who have a lot to do and no prayer times.

But in Myanmar, where history has stood still in so many areas of our societies, it is still a daily passion. Myanmar has remained very similar for many here, where it has evolved quickly for many in many parts of Southeast Asia.

The many towns surrounding the busy but small towns have strains whose cultures go back centuries and whose customs are still very much alive today. A visit from village dwellers and tribal peoples is part of the Myanmar-Trip! A lot of the population lives in basic homes, two storey homes built of wood chips, where the pets are sleeping downstairs and the grocery store is located, and the upper storey is a large sleeping room with mattresses on the ground level, where the whole hosts are eating and sleeping.

Natives with a special make-up-art! No, it is the one-of-a-kind and naturally occurring make-up/sunscreen that is often used in Myanmar. All over Myanmar there seems to be a kind of celebration, from traditional marriages in all types of costume and musical entertainment, to the countrywide New Year' s Day "Thingyan" aquatic festivals.

Myanmar's citizens take the celebration to a new plane and never do things by half! Myanmar's housing costs are deterring many to stay. You can have a king-size cot in luxury Myanmar for what you would be paying for a crowded and run-down dormitory in the western part of the country!

I' ve heard so often from the public that they miss Myanmar out of fear: visa issues, borders, civil wars, corruption in governance, missing shelter, etc. etc. Yes, the state restricts trips to some parts of the land and yes, these are going into going to be in the brigade, but that is just to keep the visitor safe.

Myanmar's policy environment is complicated and has been for many years, but now more than ever the Burmese economy is doing better. There were no problems in Myanmar and we found it a worthwhile adventure that makes it one of our favourites!

Been to Myanmar before, what are your favorite travelling recollections?

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