Can you Visit Burma

Do you have access to Burma?

Things to do in Burma (Myanmar): our Highlights Guide. Myanmar will change the way you see the world. One tour through Burma shows you the many cultural highlights and the beautiful landscape. Myanmar is a fascinating country with a turbulent past. Things to do when you visit Myanmar (Burma):

Burma: How can tourists travel ethical?

So how are we supposed to go to Burma? The issues about the tourist industry have started to move from the ethics to the practice, but a little guide could still be useful. By the end of 2009, Burma (Myanmar) was largely avoided by UK travelers and ignored by most of them. In August 2009, Telegraph Traveller said it had announced that it considered privately-owned tourist services to be a good thing.

Its impact on the tourist industry is notable. We told in March that the travel agencies were "overwhelmed" by the inquiries. The majority of these are packages or at least group trips. Does Suu Kyi and her political group see any benefits for Burma in this? This is the kind of journey Michelle Jana Chan made for Telegraph Travel last year, coming in alone from Bangkok, using mass transit and spending the night with a family or in an inn.

However, many are likely to come in a group and move around in one, stay in upscale Rangoon hotel and travel on the Irrawaddy River on board touristic boats. This should give some clues to potential attendees. We asked our reader this weeks if UK tourists should visit Burma.

The same survey was conducted in August 2009 and the results were as follows:

Do you need to visit Burma with children? Yeah - why? weblog

Allow your child to experience a way of living that no longer exist in many places. Babies will enjoy seeing the strange and beautiful products of the fair, from sting rays to rats' skewers! Keeping youngsters busy while enjoying historic cultures - Bagan is full of secret sanctuaries and sculptures and is also shallow, making it perfect for the family to circumnavigate the remains and select the best sanctuaries for a fun hide-and-seek that they will always treasure.

Relieve yourself and interact with those who are really intrigued by your being there.

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