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Due to our years of experience travelling around the world, we would never leave home without travel insurance. Take your medicine with you when you travel to Myanmar. They can also look it up themselves. - Would you find this article interesting? Put it on your Pinterest board so others can see it!

Take medication with you when you travel to Myanmar | Travel

Do you plan to take any medications to Myanmar? Some medications - such as sleep tablets, ADHD medications and powerful pain relievers - require a physician's check. Check with your chemist or physician if your drug is subject to opium law. You can take your medications (or ingredients) with you if they are not covered by the opium law.

Do you have a doctor's note or GPS-check? You will need a certification if your medication (or your child's medication) is covered by opium law. Two types of certificates exist: for travelling within the Shengen area. Physician's certificate: for all other states. Please check the Central Administration Office (CAK) website to see which certification is needed for the destination state.

Or you can down-load the document from the website so your physician can fill it in and subscribe. Submit the endorsed CAK document. It takes the CAK 4 week to edit your CAKCert. Drug passports (also called European Medicinal Passports) are not physician's certificates.

Acupuncture passports list all medications you use or are intolerant to. It is useful when you go to a chemist or a physician abroad. Inquire your own chemist or your physician about your pass. Please send your resume at least 4 week before your departure.

Burma travel information - What you need to know

You will need a 6 -month minimum travel document and a current travel visas to travel to Myanmar. A Myanmar traveler' s permit is generally issued 28 day after the date of travel, but due to growing changes in the Myanmar policy and travel industries, the Myanmar traveler' s permit regulations may vary as rapidly as the Southeast Asian rain.

It is also recommended that you contact your local Myanmar diplomatic mission or local Myanmar diplomatic office for the latest information. People from 100 different nations now have the opportunity to request a Tourist eVisa before arriving there. Burma is six and a half hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+6:30). There is no DST change in Myanmar.

Due to its magnitude, the Myanmar can suddenly have very different weathers, but the countrys climatic conditions are largely those of the tropic monsoons. It is the driest and coolest of seasons, with a temperature between 20-27ºC and very seldom rain. Throughout the year the temperature can increase from 30ºC to 43ºC, but the temperature is very high.

Fortunately, Myanmar is celebrating Thingyan, a popular aquatic event that usually takes place in April. It has to do with Songkran in Thailand, where whole villages and communities join a huge hydro battle to commemorate the New Year. Myanmar is denominated in Burma and is currently denominated in Khat. As there are few ATM machines in the state, many travelers carry as much money as they need for the whole journey.

It is important to keep unlabeled US dollar banknotes in good shape for exchange, as some moneychangers decline to take exchange with the "wrong" date or the smallest crack. Whilst it is possible to obtain US dollars from South East Asian bankers, it is best to take it with you from your home state.

As many sellers do not have enough money for bigger notes, you should wear small notes as often as you can. Tips are not common in Myanmar, except for tourism such as the doorman transporting your luggage in a resort, or the caretaker opening a Bagan cloister.

One of the best ways to get an insight into Myanmar's community is to shop, as there are almost no West orientated makes or shops. There' s little chance of locating them in Myanmar. When you are on the road, you are largely abandoned by the traders, as there are (with the exeption of Bagan, which has been a traveler' s home for much longer than other Myanmar cities) little to no tractors or merchants to bother the people.

Also, don't worry about your bank or your bank card - money is the best in Myanmar. In Myanmar, traveling locally can be very limited. Always stay with your stray animal leader and group, unless your leader informs you otherwise. Encountering Myanmar with travellers from a variety of different civilizations is one of the greatest pleasures of traveling through Myanmar - as varied as Myanmar is, a central theme is that humans are inclined to be very friend!

In Myanmar, you will be taken from the warm and powdery plain of Bagan to the luxuriant and chilly peaks of Pyin Oo Lwin for activity, so wrap up clothes that are suitable for both sunshine and colder nights. When you want to dip into the cascade pool outside Pyin Oo Lwin, you should always keep a casual look that can get soggy, as Myanmar is still quite traditional in terms of swimwear (no swimwear or windsurfing short here, except in touristic hotels) and many folks are fully attired.

In order to use Stray Asia, you must have a up-to-date and up-to-date tourist policy. You should see a physician before traveling to Myanmar to get good health care and counsel. It is also a good practice to get hepatitis A and typhoid vaccine before traveling to Myanmar, as both can be transferred through infected diet or infiltration.

Coming from a dangerous countries, you will need a immunization card to travel to Myanmar. Burma is a land full of cultures, customs and religions, and there are a few things to consider when traveling.

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