Can you Travel to Burma

Are you ready to go to Burma?

If you are more active, add a hike in the hills above Kalaw to your family holiday in Burma. They can get typhoid through contaminated food or water in Burma. The important thing is that the price you see is the price you pay. From Mandalay you fly in from the UK via Bangkok. Burma is an epic country that is changing so fast, and we call on the people to reach it soon.

Burma: Evaneos | What to package

It' s getting very warm in Burma, so don't overpack your suitcase: mainly fill it with lightweight clothes and the essentials you need to keep your suntan out. After forgetting your sunblock, you can always try Thanaka: a yellowish-white pasty of plant origins used by the Burmese (especially women) to keep themselves out of the suntan.

Therefore, it is recommended to bring some hot clothes, especially if you live at Lake Inle, where most places are on foothills. During a visit to Burma it is particularly important to wear clothes according to your own cultural heritage: do not wear pants, shirts and underwear.

An option is to buy a typical Myanmar "longyi": a kind of wrap-around dress that men and woman wear. It' s hard to buy electronics in Burma (except maybe in Yangon). Don't neglect to take all important toiletries with you. It is easy to find barley shampoos and soaps in Burma, but this does not apply to the other types of product you normally use.

Another thing to note is that it is not possible to find a tampon in Burma.

Journey through Burma

Properly renovated and invigorated, the next dawn I was up early to discover the many intriguing sites of Yangon, some of them hidden in arcane parts of the town before the days in the Schwedagon Pagoda ended, when a constant flow of locals came to this most sacred Buddhist shrine to worship and the sundown of the sunter.

From Bagan to Mandalay, I took a trip up the Irrawaddy if you have enough spare minute - a wonderful relaxation adventure and a one-of-a-kind glimpse of the countryside along the Rivers. In spite of the fascination of his name, Mandalay was probably the least interesting stopover on my journey, although I did not want to miss the exceptional view of a thousand friars standing in line in the Mahagandayon monastery.

Near Heho, where most people go directly to Inle Lake. lnle Lake was my last stop and what a magic place. I was taken by a small boats to the beautiful seaside town of Inle Princess, which overlooks crystal clear seas with picturesque towns on stilt trees, blooming hyacinths, swimming kitchen garden and fishinghis.

Intha are known for their very uncommon techniques - one foot in the boot and one foot wound around the rudder. My last few day I visited the churches, towns, markets and convents around the lakes. They are welcomed all over Burma with a bright smile and kind faces, and Inle Lake was no different.

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