Can you get a Visa on Arrival in Myanmar

Will you be able to get a visa upon arrival in Myanmar?

If you have the opportunity, please try to apply through the Embassy. Tansania, visa on arrival, but recommended to be obtained before departure. What is the procedure for applying for a Myanmar visa? BOOKED OUT, PAID IN ADVANCE TRAVEL; INDEPENDENT FOREIGN TRAVELLER;

VISA ON ARRIVAL. Do you have questions about the new visa system or immigration issues?

Burma Pre-determined visa on arrival Break 10 -16/3 - Myanmar Forum

Only a brief upgrade for those planning to request a pre-arranged visa on arrival from March 10-16, 2014 that Myanmar Immigration no longer receives an immigration request to make changes. I' ve just received an e-mail from my Myanmar agency saying that they no longer issue the VOA and I have to go to Bangkok.

We' re only 3 wards from our journey to Asia (Myanmar arrival 1 month). I' ve serious misgivings about washing my pass overnight to DC to get their message, I just don't trusted that I'm back in our travel times and they won't be answering their telephones, which just makes me more suspicious.

Do you have any DC agencies that do this for me personally? Hello GojiAnna, It is truely the case that the Embassy of Myanmar does not answer the call very often, but you should continue to try to do so.

For my part, I believe that the visa regime will soon get under way again. Thanks, I got to the Wash DC message and they said if we bring everything to them over night, their turnaround is now 6 working nights. Anybody know if I can get the visa in Cambodia?

But Silverswimmer had an article about it with an airlines, but the site did not contain any visa information. You had a case of visa upon arrival without agreement if you take the Phnom Penh, Siem Reap to Yangon with Myanmar International Airlines ("Mai Air"). It is better to ask the airlines at the present time, as the visa process is undergoing changes.

This isn't gonna work, we're already on Asia Air. I' ll have to take a chance and send our information to DC over night and hoping for the best. If we hadn't already prepaid so much of our travel, I think we would probably have changed our plan and not go to Myanmar.

Myanmarguide, this is a transitory position, isn't it? There is really no timeframe to get our visa to Berlin and VOA is organized by our Myanmar agents. The Union of Myanmar Travel Association (UMTA) is trying to remedy this.

Before we depart, we use a visa to get our visa. We' re now on the cut-off date, no option to the VOA agreement.

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